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Classified Ad: The Inter-Ocean

Classified Ad: The Inter-Ocean image
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CHIEF AMONÖ STALWARTS ft IÉ-On FOR 1O8O. THE LEADING REPUBLICAN NEWSPAPER Weekly, I Semi-Weekly, Daily $1.15. $2.5O. #10.00 IN NEWS-GETTÍÑG, EDITORIAL ABILITY, CORRESPONDENCE ...! liHUUIH lililí gOCg tO uiake a First-class Newspaper, The Iutcr-Ocean has no superior. The DAILYlter-Ocean I the (licaini Mornine Paper puhii-iK i in Chicas. The li:iAKTm;T in uliih n publMied llie Iatet in w of the Secret Order, In a iiiliiable feature. rj-i-pg - p-i SEMI-WEEKLY INTER-OCEÁN Is M'i.lili. il every Mondny and TlnirMlay, and onlainti a compendium of the NSW1 OF TUK nOKLI). An Educational Department Ha been added to thU editlon l Ilie paper, and Ik verj liifhly spoken or b the s Ikm.i KaperinteiidenlN and Teacher. It i iniended to fin a want long feit IJ isoiis Illl. I. s, , n our McIiooIn. The Weekly InteOcean Un TUK I 1C. I M cireulatioii r auy iN.iiii. ai Hempaper iu tlic I'nited Mal-, li j. a paper lor ihe people, and com only di" "I tí POSTAGE jy-o paid. The Commercial & Agricnltural Departmeati are ably and earef'ully condncit'd, and are um reliable as any publ ili. .1 in Hu. country. "OUR CURIOSITY SHOP," WOMAN'S KINGDOM. and THE HOME DEPARTMENT Will conliiiuc Lcadlng and InteretiiiK Features. Aal'OLITICL,LITERARÏA FAMILY XEWü.l'AIM.11 THE INTER-OCEAN IS UNEXCELLED. II II Ihc inlentlon or the Proprleton or tiik INTER-OCEAN lo .pure neither paiiiw nor expeime to keep It rully abreawt of Ihe timei in all tilines. NOW IS THE TIME TO SUBSCRIBE. Addrt-ss, THE IXTER-OCEAM, W7tf Chleaeo, III.