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l ...Ihe homeopathie hospital buildings , are nearly compltted. r ...Prof. A. S. Pettit, '79, was in Ann ] Arbor durinj; the vacatiun. ...The University Calendar will be out about the middlu of' Febiuary. ...Manyof the medies spent theirholiday vaeation in the disseedng room. ...The new matron'a house is coiuplcted, and was occupitd for the first time on Tuesday. ...Prof. and Mrs. J. B. Steere havo re turned from Ionia where they spent their vacalion. I ...It is reported that Dr. Willson is to occupy the eliair of practiee in the homeopathie college. ...The Democratie student are evidently not very proud of the party's performance down in Maine. ...The students were more prorupt in attending recitations the first day after vaeation than usual. ...F. B. Leiand, '82, has returned to college, and will resume his course of studies next semester. ...Prof. Hennequin gave his class in Germán an interesting talk on Germán literature Tuesday lat. ...Prof. Gatchöll of the homeopathie faoulty has resigned his position in the University to take effect immediately. ...The second number of The University will appear thia werk, alter whicli it wil] be published every altérnale weck. ...Some of the University ladies are already congratulating themselveson the glorious privileges that belonp to them, now that it is leap year. ...Prof. Adanis has postponed hislecture on modern Knglisli history, that wan to be delivered Thursday of this week, until Tuesday of next week. ...The laws were compclled to attend lectures on Monday oue day earlier than the other departments, on account of a day lost durinjj Thanksgiving time. ...At the regular clinic on Wednesday were treatcd cases of club feet, ulccrs and abscesses, besides the enucleation of an eye, the amputation of a breast, etc. ...Mr. II. whom we referred to last week as having caten up Doe. 'ssupper, hassince paid his quarter and appears to enjoy the joke nearly as well as the rest of them. However, he will do no any more. ...A student at one of the hash houses of this city suggests that the only way to convert a certain dish, which appuars upou their table into palatable food is to feed it to the hogs, and then kill the animáis and eat tbem. ... A party rccently went out on a sleighride, and soon after a person drove up behind, whom they took to be a greeny, and concluded to stuff. The first part of the programmo was a horse race ; then in going up a liill the lawyer of the party jumped out and piled into the sleigh with the supposed greeny. He then explained to his companion the wonders of the Univer sity, and particularly expatiated npon the mighty men whem they turned out from the law departinent. The supposed greeny eat with mouth open, and plied his legal fnend with questions as if drinking it all in. That gentleman soon returned to his own sleigh and said the solitary man in the cutter was the biggest fooi he had ever seen. Imagine the surprise of the company wh n, upon arriving at their destina tion the greeny turned out to be an oíd friend and gradúate of the University, who is now a saliiricd officer in a State institutiun. Evening lectures will be resumed at the Unitarian Church next Sunday evening. Suhject of fitst leciure - " What Vocation shall I sboOM? r, the most attractive and important calling now opening to nobly ambitious youni; men." In the inorning, Mrs. ElizH R. onoderiand will preach on the "Fathcrhond of God."