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CATARRH, I1h' Fever, Catarrhal BmAhm, Cold in Head, and Hcudache Are Positlvely Cured by Ely's Cream Balm. It heale nore in tbc Nasal Haacairee, Suprracdee tbc une ol Liquida and Kxritiui; Maulla. ELY'S CREAM BALM CO., OWEGO, N. Y. Piice 50 Cents. HARMLESS! EFFECTUAL! AGREEABLE! A8K YOUR DRUGGI8T FOK CIRCULAR. It curea by caualng dlticharge, cleanalng and hialIng, not by drylng np. The appllcatlon la ao very eaj and agreeable tbt a chlld can bc trratcd wituoat pain or dread, and with perfect safety. We, the underMgncd, reeidents of Ellzaheth. N. J., belnt; well acquaintcd wlth the merite f Ely'i I Balm, a apeciflc for Uatarrh and Hay Pover, woold eameUy rtscommend it to our (rienda and the public senerally: Robert W. Townlcy, Mayor. H U. Hhcrwuud, HailoDal sint.' liank. Jotcph MaL'uire, National State i Ueorgeb. Davl, Pim National Kank. John M. Hlgby, National Sdoe and Leather Bank, 271 Broadway, New York. Henry O. Mllilmn, Preat. Ni-wnrk Stamping Co. Henry Conk, Pnliliihi-r Klizab.-th llpralii. Nathaniel Ellis, Counselor at Uw, 1 15 Ilroadwajr, New York. Wm. T. ('arr, PrMnjterlaD Pastor. K. L. Button, Merctinnt, and many other-. For aale in Ann Arbor ly L. S. I-errh. !25-76 WANTED. A woinan to do cookin and tunirtcwork, (but uot vaablng and ironlng,) In a private famlly without Joardere. Apply at No. 29, Eaet l'uiviTslly atreet- lonthcaat corner or the campna.