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Cause And Prevention Of The Apple-rot

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Mr. C. H. Pcck, the State Botanist, in his recently issued annual report, to the Regenta of' the University of the State of New York, says : While on the way from Suaimit to Jefferson, in Scoharie Co. , an apple orchard was observed on whieh much of the fruit was discolored, and appeared as if beginning to dec-iy. Sotue of the passengers remarkid t fiat they "never before knew of apple rotting on a tree." Soiue of the fruit was rocun d and found to be affected by a fungtis knowu to botanists by the name of Sphcewpti maloram, or "apple gphseropáü. ' It has been described as attackmg apple Lying on the ground in winter. llere was an in:-taiiee in wliioh the apples were attaeked while yet on the tiee, and that, too, as early as September. The apples attaeked by the fungus are rendered worthless, and experinieuts reoently made isdieate that the diaeue u contagious, and may lie comiuuuicaied ('rum one apple to another. For cxauiple, a perlectly sound apple was placed in a drawer wit li one which was affected by the fungus. In a few days the Mund apple began to show signs of decay. lts whole aurface had assumed a dull hrown color, as if beginning to rot. ïwo or (hree dys later small palo spots made tlit-ir appciranee, and in tlie center of each there was a minute ni[ture of the epidermis. An cxaminatiou of tl; MbstUMM of ihe apple in tln-.-e p) Bpott ifewaled Fungna fiiaments tint had penetrated the cellsof the apple. In two or thrce days more Domeroua minute black pustulesor papillre had appeared. They were thioklv scattered mu nearly the whole surface of the fruit. These oonstitute the rph&ropu, Wlen inicro-eopically ixauiiiud, each one of these black papil'tB is found to cuntain several obloiiK pal; I'iimkiis spores, t-jpportid on a short .-tem or foot stalk, (Votu wliich iliiv seon separate. It would be well, tlu reforei whenever this fungus rot miakes its appearance, to remove he affi'Cted apples at once froni the prcsence of the others, whttber they are on the tree or not. It is not enough throw them on the ground by theaiselves, for this woald not prevent the fungus froiu ripening tnd scittering itseeds.