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Cider Vinegar

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This is alniost a necessity in housekesp ing, and is easily prepared. Aftcrcider is fermented draw it off into a keg, and Uke strips of straw paper, dipped into West India molasses or maple syrup, put them iutu the keg of eider and set in a warm place near a stove or ehimney wliere it will not freeze, and in a few weeks you will have a sharp, pure vi negar. If one needs it to use in a shorter time, thcy can fill a jug with eider and turn into each gallon of eider a pint ot molasses and a cupful of lively yeest. llave a jugful of the liquid, let it stand uncorked back of tlie cook stove where it will keep warm. It will coninionce fenuenling in twenty-iour hours, and will not take over a week to make splrndid sharp vinegar. It must be drawn off into another jug, leaving the dregs, and kept in a tightcorki'd jug or bottle, wherc itwill not freeie. If one has good eider, there need be no trouble tb├╝tlt vinegar, as it can be made into sliarp vinegar in a short time liy using a little labor and taking cure of it, Straw paper, saturated with niolasse, acts upon eider like motlier, and in a few weeks has every appearance of that artiele, only a little firuier in consiitenev, and ratlier thicker in ture. -