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Gastona mions of Mofliera expresa llolr dellgiit ver Casteria. It Is naturo's reinedy for íssimilatiug the food. Unlike Castor O!l, t is piensan! to take, and imlike Morphlne Sjrups.ltlsharmless. Castorla resíllate tlie Bowcls, destroys Woi ms, Cures SOUR CURD AND WIND COLIC, mil allays Feverisliness. What gives liealth to Ihe Child proptotof rest for the M ither. Chlldreo ery for Pltoliei's Casloria. It is tho most rellable, eHectlve and ptpular artille dispensed ly DragyUtfr NEVER Slnco healins remedies have l)een nsed ly surrcniNG man hun therc been knwn puch absolute Pain-relievinfj as the CENTAUR LINIMENTS. They sootho. heal nd cure. Thcy Cutí, Woundí, Oalls, Oíd Sores, Brokcü Breaste imd Sore Nipplen ; OIJRK- Pain In the Back, Rhsumiitism. Sciatlra, Lumbago, Neuralgia, Earache, Tetter, IMinpl-i, Itch, Salt Rtaeum, and all llunh, bouc and muscle alimenta of Animáis ; SUBDIIK-Inflamination and Swelllngs; HoiK Felons, Ulcera, 8oru Throat, Bronchitia.'Croup and Quinay; Pain from Bnrns, Scaldn, Stlngs, Froet-bltes, Spralns and Brnlses. The experlence of centuries has made the CENTAUR Liniments the most speedy and effective ciiratlve agent8fr MANandBEAST the world has ever known. The Centaur LINIMENTS have relleved more bod-rldden Crlpple ; Ii.hI.-.I mo frlliHul wou lid, and naved more valtiable uilmaluthan all other linimenU, olntmenta, olln, extracte, piasters and o-called "pain killers" and "skin cures" combinad. Physlctan and Veterinary Snrgeone endorse the Centaur l.lnim in ; mllllons of men, wonen and chlldren in all countrles une lliein, and Uonsekeopere, Farmers, Plantere, Traveler, Llverymen, Teamsters and Stock-erowers, are their patronn. Tbey are clean, they are hand} , they are clirap, and tbey are rellable. There is no ache, palu, or swelllng which they will not alleviate, sabdue, or care. Sold thronghont I III HABITABLE GLOBK or 50 rente and $1.00 a botlle. Trial bottles, ." ceuta. Catarrhal FOISOÏT Wel De Meyer'n Treatlue on Catarrh xplains the following important facts : 1. Thai Catarrhal Gold become a poUonous inection, at first local, and flnally constUulional. i. Thai, beluii CouBtltational, the infection is be ond the reach of mere local remedies. 8. Thai impuHtle in the nostrlls are necessnrlly wallowed lnto the slomach and inhaled Jnto the ing, thuB Mtioning the Dlgestive, Kcapiratory aDd Qenito-Urinary organs. 4. Viat Catarrhal virus follows the mucous memrane nnd causes Deafness, Dyspepsia, Chrontc Marrhoea, Bronchitis, Leucorrlicea, and C'onsump ion. 6. Thai Smokes, Donchcs.Inhalatious, and Insola le Snuffs, canrtot possibly remove infcctious lnllamïaiion from the organs named. 6. Thai a antidote for Catarrh musí possess an ii inoculative afflnity for, and the inality of being absorbetl by, the purulent mucous wherever localed. Itasnd upoti these plain theorlcs, Dr. Wei De Meyer's Catiirrli Curo has pro ved to be iiilalliliic. It not only relieves, it ures Catarrli at any stagt Home testimony : Cured! Cured! Cured! Cured! V. l.Woods,4CT Broadway.N. Y.,Uured of Chronic Catarrh. F. J. Haslett, 859 Uroadway, N. T., 4 years Catarrh. . I.. BriHh. 413 Hnmdwny, N. Y., 10 yi-ars r .tiirrh. S. Benmllct, Jr., Jewolor. l97 Broadway. N. Y., (lady friend), cured ol Chronic II ly Fcver. Mr. Bmma C Howm, RO #". Wahingtnn Square, N. Y., cured of Jt) yiars Chronic Oat.'irrh. Kev. Geo. A. Reix, Hi'i Jy st., Brooklyn. "It restored me to my ministerial lnbin-M." Ut. Oh. J. .Ion.-, New Brighton, S. I. " Worth ten timos the cost." Rev. Alex. Frees, Cairo, N. Y. "It ha orkod woniktrs in six cases In niy parish." L. F. Ni-wmin, 305"Fnltou Si., Urooklyci, cured of 1 yean Chronio Catarrh. Mrs. J.Swartz.Jr ,200 Warrcii St., .Ti-rsoy City, cured of 18 yvars Chronic Catarrh. &c. &c. &c. &c. &c. A real cure lor this terrible umlady is the most mportant discovery for the relief oí human iiMn slnce vaccination. Wel Ie Meyer's Catarrh nre is sold by all Druígists, or delivered by D. B. Dkwey & Oo., 4 Doy St., N. Y., for 1.50 a package. To Clubs, slx packoge fur 7.50. lr. Wol Ie Jlcjer'n Tr'atine, with full exilanatlons and ovorwhelming proofs, is poHt-paiU milínii i,.. .. ,. ,, .., ,,„,,, The power of arresting diaeaio dlfplaycd by thls reparation h honorably acknovvh'dm'd hy thr nn'di;al faculty in evcry section where It has been Introluced ; and Ihe large sale i thfl bost guarantee of .he eetlaialion in whlch it ia held by the pubiic. The Syrup will cure Pulmonart Consdmftion In :he tlrnt and recomí ntaen, will ive great relief and prolons lile iu the third. It wlll cure Astiika, UlN IIITI8, LARYN0ITI8 lind CotTIIIIS. It 111 CUre ill dieeaBe orlpinHtint; from want of Muscular Action and Nekvous Fokck. FOR THE EFFECT PKODUCED BY Fellows' Compound Syrup of Hypophosphites In Dlseases of the Ltings, tho Inventor is permltled to refer to the Medical Uentlcmrn of St. John, N. I) , whose slKDatnres are attached hereto. WILLIAM BAYAKD. M. D. KDWN BAYAIU), M. U. THOMAS WAI.lvKU, M. 1). .RUIN KAHItYMAN, M. U., Kd. I)R. .IOI1NS TONB. I..B.C.S., Ed. GEUKI4K KKA POR, M. D. W. II. HABDING, J.R. WIHI'K, M. D. T. W. CAKH11', M. D. I, Aaron Alwakd, Major of the City of St. John, In the Province of New Brunxwick, havinx examtned the wiunntun attarbi'd to ilie foragolng permlt ol rt'ferenoe, hereby certify that I belitve them all enu Ine. I cuu also teptify to the hili tht-nipeutioil vulue of PelloWf1 ('ompmind Syrnp of Hypophot-phitop, - OODBldËl it dMWlng of atlention by the prou-i-ion generülly. ivrwï In tCKtimony w Beroof I have herennto j' y ■■( niv hanil, and alll.xid iny seu] of ♦ (nat Mnyoralty, at the city st. John, tiils flth , Bwl. , dav of Febrnary, in ihc year (( i.ur Lord # jt o e thoupand eiiiht Inniflri'fl and ïght aaku.n alwarü.m.u. Letter fioiii Rev. J. Hnlmon, il . l CllirMAN, QfKKN'8 COUNTY, N. B. I can eafely and conistently recommend your invaltmblc preparatlon in a variety of cii(e. etpecially for Cheet Diseagen, htivini; mrfmnfnllj pn-fcrlbed It In Dronchltl, Aathma, T)cl)ility from Llver Coro platnt, Dchiliiv irom Kever, nd Debility from lmpoveriehed Blood. I am, ir. Toon truly, JAMES SALMÓN, PracticinK Physician and Siircun. SOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS. wa; '.ITS L. S. I,. r h. Agent, Ann Arhor. T) P. BOYLAN, Itciil Kntatp Aicciioy. Farmn and Ilouacs bougbt, sold, rentcd, rctaired and ineured. Ofllcc at WüI.VERINK STORB, 9,'iOtf Corner of Baron and Bifth simt-. lOFFINS AND CASES 1 FULL STOCK AT MARTIN' 8. AU orders promptly attended to.