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FOR CHOICE N (IHEIIES O TO I II I STORE OF C.D.HEEEICK AT No. 39 SOUTH MAIN STREET Heitor Kiiowii as the City Arcade. TEAS, COFFEES AND SUGARS lif HfMfhW u'radue, and al moro reasonable prlces tnan auy ollar place in the city. .i GROCERIES A&É. FRESH BREAD AND CAKES ALWAYS ON HAND. Reineniber, that iu coiineetlon with tliis Store is tlie bol IR, IE S TTJ JEM 3ÑT T in Ine City for obtalnlng ■ good square Meal, at all honrs oí the day. HANGSTERFER BOLLAR STORE. 32 MAIN STREET. Havlu? jiist received ten Cases of H0L1DAYG00DS CONSISTING OF TOILET SETS, WAI DOLLS, VASES, HAND SLEPS, etc, Wc hvc dccided to open up n DOLLAR STOM PRICKS RANOINQ FROM 25, 50 AND 75 CENTS TO OÍSTE DOLLAR HASUSTKRFER'S DOLLAB STOKK 32 Main Street. 059-1UK CTrëmain InnK ipi OFFICE: At Hale & Tremain'ü Mi Store orm lii hi-i. (iiriillcc oni'; (of London and Edinburgh,) Capitul 110,000,000, QoldDetroit Firc and Marine In. Co Cash AsecU t%0,000. Fennsylvanla In. Co. oT Pliila. Cash AsBcts 1,600,000. SiriualUll Inn. Coinp'y.ofMuits, Cash Aiíetí $1,078,000. Howard In. Co,, of New York Coeh Aseets 1696,600.00. The above Companios paid over Fou Million Dollars in the Chicago Fire. yr JL SAWINQ THE LOQ. OF THIS V tLJK LaborSaTlnKIATRini.SAWMAHl-VT! Is fully dtmomnM by tne numder In use and tlio Sresent dtMimtid fbr thpm. It Rawa Lokh of any Blze. me man can suw more logs or cord wood In ooe day anl easler ihan two men can the ola way. It ■will sawa two foot log in three minutes. Every rarnu-r ntHHl one. Township ag'-nta wuuluU. txud lor IlliimrRlert Circular hihI Teriin. Al'li W. W. IHWTnUK A CO.. 178 Elm &t.. ('lucinuutl, O. Ms-'.ni-oow Jk DOES ANY W0IÍK IX MIS UNE. Kn"im-8,A);riculturalMnchini-ry,Sewliii.'MuchIne i ld Cocki rapalraA. TnrnlBg, Key-fltüng and grind inf; promptly done. Kecpn a tood assortment o Culliry, Lurk and Tools, which wlll be sold chcap No. 36 South Main Street, A.NN ARBOK. 9:W-ü8 DANDELION Dr. White' I) tl dellOB AlMimtlve, the 'ircat Bloo PurllIiT and Renovtor. A ku.-ciiIc lor Liver ('om plulnt. BiHounem Chilla an.i Ptver, DyipaptM .ii.iiin iiir-m tnd OoneUpatteti i tbeBoweli. Bemovet plmplwtnd 11wdi the ikiDi prododog a cmat complexión, [ttoptml vegetable, perfect); barmlM ml pJwsaDl to ttki l'int bottM only t', sud cvery bottte warrantcd. PUÏ.MOXAKIA.ipea? Uu Cous;h, Cold, Aaihina. llnmchltl, C'roni Who ipini Coagh and lüclpleot CouamptlOD. Fin oer bottle. Large bottk-ii f 1, ml erery bottl wftnaated. For salí' In Ann Arlior by Kberbach . Sou, and draggiate everywhere. Qd 1"!