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CHURCH DIRECTORY. Kaptlrt Church. RT. S. Haskkll, Pastor. Sab uth services, 10K a, m. and 7K P. H. Snday School after moroin servico. Prayor meeting Thursday evenlng at 1% o'clock. Cathollc Chnrch. Rv. Fathbb Fiels, Pastor. Low Mas, 8 a. m. UUh Maas, IOVi a. ■. Vespere p. a. Sunday School, i '4 r. a. Congrreatlonal Chnrch. Rlv. W. H. Ryukk, Pintor. Sab ith services, 10 a. k. and 7H p. u. Su Jay School after morninR Bervice. Pra rer meeting Thursday evenlng at 74 o'clock. Episcopal Ohurch. Riv. Wtllíb Hall. Reotor. Sal) oath servlcei, 10S4 a. m. and 7%r.u. SQiidy School, H4r. . ReligtoníseiTicaB.Thiirsdaj eTcnlng at 7K o'clock. Oerman Methodist Chnrch. Kv. C. Hilwio, Pastor. Sabbath services, 10J4 a. . and 7 p. k. Sunilaf School, at nine o'clock a. a. Prayer meeting on Wednesday. Lntheran Church. Riv. Johb Nïumanh, Pastor. Sa .buth urvices, 104 a. k. and 7H P. . Sa iday School after morninií service. Pryer meoting, Thonday eveninRat 7 ü o'clock. Methodist Chnrch. Rbv. Jous Alab-tsk, Pastor. s ibiiith -ervices. 104 a. K. and "% r. m. SiM'Uy School lifter morninif üervice. l'rayer meetinic, Thursday evenlng atTVí o'clock. Y ui.i l'üople's MteUag, Salurday 7 p. m. Presbyterian Charch. Rv. Fbd T. Buows, D. D., Pastor. 9ti th .rvlce-, 10 a. a. and 7yfc p. u. Ha i.lay Schooland Blble class after laornlag nervlciPr yor tnoeting, Thuraday evenlnK nt o'clock . Yo in People's Meeting, Snnday evening H. ünitarian Church. Riv. J. T. Sundikund, Pastor. s Dain services, HV4 a. m. and 7H ■■ S inday School ut 12 . St idenU' Blble Classat 9:1S a. h. Aon Lathcriin Church. Rsv. H. Bslsbb, Pastor. Sibath S.rvics at W% a. a. and 7 p. a. S nula? School fter mornliiR service. Keligloui urvici'S' Vedniísday rvenine at 7 o'clock. BUSINESS CARDS. EO. W. UENWICK, ƒ From tlio fcew Kiii_'lnnd ƒ (oryof Musir, Botton. Ti-arher # Vocal and Inatrnnu'ntal Music and I Harmoiiy. Conductor of Musical ƒ tions and arenlng ■■'■[--. - # ƒ Private linsonn wlll be glvcn at I ƒ ttie residence of pnj)il8. ƒ ƒ Address P. 0. Kx 1201, Ann ƒ Arbor. 961 HVi ƒ WM. T. STEVENS, M.D., XPhlsician andSnrpouX OfFHE, ( E.ii2 Wa.-liinstoii Btreat omct nota-t-! to 9 a. ., io.) . ü."ti 12 ., J tu 4. and 7 to 8 p. m. Residence- No. 10 Grove Street. 7 MARY E. FOSTEIt, T attomey_at aw. Offlce at iier r'iidence, ƒ xr. West t'atharlne ft ƒ 0FFI01 HOtTM : ƒ ƒ Krom 9 o'clock x. u. to 1 p. . ƒ 794-.S45 T HEN KV IÍ. HILL, ATTORNEYATLAW Real Estáte Broker, AND INSURANCE AGENT. opricr : No. 1 Opera Home BlorU Ak Akïok. Hich. 7!).v4'' t 7 JOHN L. Hl'RLKlUH, J f Attorney ƒ il& Counselor at Law. OFT1CÏ : ƒ Over Kattonat Bank, Ann Aubub. ƒ 7941 f ƒ W. H. JAUKSUa, % VdentistX OfBce oier Bach & Abel'. sntrance by Flrft National Bank 7:tf F. SOUW, IIODDE, 8lO AND ORNAJlílITAL I Paikter. Paperine. Olazlng, I ƒ tilding, and work of every crlptioo done in üie beet istyle. ƒ ƒ Patnts, 011b. and Varnlshec od ƒ ƒ 'iaud ad for ale. Shop. No 3! H Sast Waihlnirtoa 8tr"(t, AnL ƒ 7 rbor, Mlch. 0Í-6M WILLIA.V HEKZ, H0U3B, 8IQN, ORNAMENTAL FKB8C0 PAINTER. Ptper1ng, GIuzIdk, Utldinr and CalciA V'iiiuiiiL', aiiil work of every decrtptioiA done iti the best fttvle, aud warranic'A to?lve eatisfaetion. Shop No. 4 Wes Wai"Ulngton 4trct, Ann Arbor.Mich THE ANN ARBOR Savings Bank, Ano Ai-luir. Miflilsan, TmSAÏIS GSNSRAL BANSIN5 BUSINESS, CAPITAL, $50,000. Orxantzed nnder the Uenerai Banking of thtK State the stockholders re Indlvldnally Hable lor aii additional amoant equal to the ptork held by them, thereliy creatina a Guaran ter KuikI for the beneflt of IepoiltorH of $100,000.00. Kour per rent. intr'Mt U allowed on al SavlnjfB Deposite of on dollar and accordlug to the rule of the Hink. tuut interest compounded serai aimuaüy. Moncy to loan ou unlncumbered real estáte nd other (jood security. Dlrecton- Christian Mack, W. W. Wlnes, R. A. Beal Wllliam Deuhcl, VVIUl&m D. Harriman Daniel Blscock, and Wlllard B. Smith Oinrerfi : Christiih Mack, Prei. W. W. Wmra, Vlce-Pre. Chas. E. Hinrncs, Cashler. 915 966 G0T0 WINANS & BERRY FOK M8RGHANT TAIL0RÜV6 For the follón ing reaHonn: Ut. Our work I all drU clas. ■i I. Mr. licrry In thn onlv cultor In the State who eau iflve vou a p.rfecl (lt withnut Irying on. Sd. We have thu ltg,t a-hnmi-ni ín ihe State, havlne over 00 dlffeMii itylei lo elect from In oreiin and ilrmettic Woolens and WorM -th. We ue none but firi-claf( trtrainluizB. 5th. We re ruil au per cint. bolow Deiruit prii et. WINANS A BERKY, 5S-1007 No. 11 8onth Main Street, Ann Arbor. JAMES McMAHON, ATTOENEY AND SOLICITOR, CIRCUIT COURT COMMISSIONER AND INJUNCTION MASTER- Office In New Court Hous, [921-972