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Grant A Teetotaler

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Therc is gratifying evidence tbat Gen. Gtrant, who has been uoquestionably a hard Jrinker. ha bccouie a tcctotalcr. On his recent jnumey trom San Francisco to Galeii-i, tlio managen of tha Contra] I'acilic, unUrstundmr lii- wishes, fnntished his car with no liquor of any kind. On tlic Union Parirte iba car u itooked with all kinds, but Gen. Grant always turned lii.s ;lass u)w:inl.-. It is a inbjeot upon which jne would hesitnteto question Gen. Grant, but it is a convictinn ot' all his friends who liave oftcii lieard liis .-lronr'xpression upon kindred moral questiona, ÜMt in the same uoostentatious way io wWoh ha lias given iiid t(i (illicr good MQtM, le is offering to ih, oattte of (tiiiperance the assistance of liii cxaniplo. This is a greator victory than the taking Df Vickxburgor tha oaptur of Joeat Appomattox ! ftod blese Gen. (rantin hiseiuansipation from the drink habil ! Thorc inay lr liory lu the might riiui r fidel a natlonsdown- Wrriithcs the crlmoD warrlor, l'riilo from the klngly orown ; Hut clorlous Is Iliül trlumpb lionr Tin; diceothralled shuii Snd, Whcn evil pussh'ii bowetb down Uuto tue üod-llke mlnd !