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A Reminiscence Of The Late Senator Chandler

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At a meeting of the Young Men's Christian A.ociation of Manchester, N. EL, the Kev. Dr. C. W. Wallace spoko as follows of the Senator Cbaodkr : " Tt was only yesterday (Snturday) that the wires brought us the sad news of the death of a man bom ju:-t across the river ; of a man who had not only been in the Senate chamLer, but in tlie rooms of the Cabinct. He had stood high aiuongthe ablest men of the country. Although he had mauy enemies, lio liad, iiko every other strong man, strong friends as well. He ia now gone, But I liclieve that di'ring all bis years of politica! üfe he was never charg"d with corruption in office. You will ask why do I refer 'o biffl 1 1 will teil you. In youth and the long a ohe piofes.vedto have an interest in the Saviour. He was callej upon to part with a i rothtr who had studied for the micistry, and who went down with the hand of' consumption before ho reached tbc pulpit. A lítele wliile after, a second brother entercd the same profession, but tbc same diseasu carne to hiui, and he was obliged to leave lor Cuba iü hopea of recovery, but instead of recovery death came, and on its nearapproach, he sent for his brother, who bas just died, to close Iuh eyes. He went and was with him at his death. In that country thero was no opportunity of bolding a Protestant burial service, and the niourncrs were obliged to take the body and steal out of the room at njght and dig a erare arul drop it in. They did fO. The night was duik and rainy, and when the hour eauie thcy took the coffin and carried it to the open grave. This man in his description of the scène aftcrwards said : ' I could not bear to see the coffin of my bruthcr buried without n prayer above bis grave. 'Hiero was no ntinitter there, no bruther of Christ, and hú brother, whose death has just been recorded knelt there in the rain and nn.d, léekingtba divine blessing.' This man stood in the eye of the civilized world as the MBOoiate ot' Presidents, of Senators and of leading political men lor the last qaartei of ■ ivntury, but never did bfl Btand in a rclation so honorable a when he stood by the open grave of bil brotlier and ROOght the blussing of Almight; God. Wne 1 ■ painter, thatwould bo the i-cene ; were I asculptor, that would do tlir tak' ihat I would teil to all coming generations. It s, tny youog friends, noble, aigoifying, honorable, tliu higbet manliiiinl tlic nobles! position for this lif'e, tobe