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...Mr.s. Gay and Mrs. H. 1. Phelps, who hu-, been vUiting at Eaton Rapids, returned this week. ...The night watchman at the station ha been discharged. Cause - too ardent devotion to Morpbcu!). ...Min Au livw, of Washington, visited hcre last Mak, the guest of her unele, Rev L I'. D.ivis, of ÜmM. E. Ghnrob. ...The exter Cornet Band has changed iti headqaarten Brom the old üailey building to Toset'l hall, back of' the Leador offiee. ...Mrs. McCagg, mother of Mrs. S. V. lurdock, jeweler of this place, died last Sunday afternoon. Funeral, Wednesday t 10 A. M. ...Costello's hall has been provided with ie nccessary extra place of' exit in case of ire, as provided by law. Several other publio buildings in this village should follow the example. ...Whiskey, a man and the paveraent, forined a queer combination on our sidewalks one evening tliïs week. Result: ugly gash on forehead, night in the lockup and $10 or thirty days. ...A queer demonstration was heard on one of our streets, one evening this week. Certain young men adopted the novel mode of serenading their ladies, in 4th of July style. Boys, don't frighten tho "dear ones." ...The Episcopal social, atMra. Steven's, last Tuesday evening, proved to be a picasant affair. Tho attractions wero a bear and two lions (Lyons) in the "side-show." Refreshments were served, and all appeared well pleased with the "social." ...The M. E. Sunday School, under the superintendency of Geo. S. Sill, Esq., is enjoying a season of prosperity such as scldora bas been its good fortune to enjoy. The average attendance for tho past three months was 127 - the largest in town. Such an attendance is gratifying to all S. S. workers. ...The üld Folks' Concert, Wednesday night, in Costello's hall, proved a complete success. Tho ladies of the "Social Circle," of the M. E. Church, got up this concert for the benefit of the church. They worked hard and faithfully to the end, and they were amply repaid for tho work done, by the large audience and the complete success of the singing and playing. Wednesday afternoon there could be seen passing through our streets a wagon, whose appcarance suggested long and faithful service, drawn by two apparently aged horse-i, and loaded with ancient-looking people, dressed in various costumes of long ago. This team thoroughly excited the people, and the banner that was displayed showed what was to take place- "Ye Old Folks' Concert to-night." The hall was filled with an attentive audience. The size of the audience exceeded the most sanguine expeetations. Nearly every available seat of the hall was oecupied, and many chairs were brought in. The programme opened with "Welcome To-night, "sung by Messrs. Langdon, Toumey, and C. W. and H. E. Tinsman; and closed with "Auld Lang Syne," by the whole choir in which the audience was advised to "arise and picase join in at ye top of ye voioes." 1 can mention only a few of the songs most popular with the audience. "The Old Arm Chair," byBrother Jonathan (Rev. Allen), callcd out loud applause ; a Germán song, by a little girl about five years of age, was very inuch appreciated, though only a few of the company understood what was sung ; "Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep," a bass solo, sung by Lester Palmer, called out a round of applause which showed that the audience enjoyed the song; "Mr. Lordly and I," by John Williams, was uiuch ad mired; "Barbara Allen," by Mrs. Frank Blodgett, was sung in a modest but distincl manncr and elicted much applause. But the song for the evening was "Cousin Jeddiah," "by ye bachelors and spinsters; " this took the house by storm, and when the last verse was sung the audienco just applauded vigorously, and it was souie minutes before perfect quiat was restored. The concert is voted a success. Everybody soeuied happy and went home fully satisfied with what they saw and heard. The ladies and gentlemen who assisted in gettinj? up this concert, whether by taking part in singing or by other work, deserve great credit. The ladies of the "Social Cirule" are to be congrrtulaled upon their succe-is with the concert. The gross receipts is about $70. SALEM. ...Mr. John Vanatta, youngest son of I. B. Vanatta, and Miss l'hebe Murry, daughter of Win. Murry, all of Salem, have finally decided to enter the elysian fields of matrimonial bliss. They were jnined in marriage Wednesday rnorning, Jan. 7th, and immediately took the train east on their wedding tour. Joy to the fair and happy pair. May they always ' Trip Uglitly over sorrow, Tbough all the day be clark, The mui may shlne tomorrow, And gally slng the lurk." SALINE. ...The following resolutions were passed by the Comraon Council, of Saline, on the death of the Hon. A. K. Clark : WiiKRBAb, It ha pleased Alralghty God to remove frora our mulst, by death, a highly eateemed citlzen and fellow townsman, an uprtght man and honorable member of this Board : be It Rooloed, That we extend to the bereaved fainily this testimonial of our sincere sympathy In this their deep affllction, and that these resolutions be spread lu full upon our Village Record, and a copy be sent to the An n Abbok i 'ontiKK umi Argus for publicatlon,andacopy "BfSr'áe'r'&'c'o'iA'rn'llfe.1' lh" 1""'"1 A. O. CLARK. GEO. E. aCHAIRER. WM. P. CARSON, CtüRK. MI8CELLANEOUS. ...Manchester is enjoying her gymnasium very much. ...Burdett, the Burlington Hawkeyc man, will deliver a lecture in Manchester next month. ...The Chelseaites are congratulating themselves on a prosperous year for the year just ended. ...James Cook and Nettie Glenn, of North Lake, were married January 14th, at the residence of the bride's father. ...Light Guard Hall, Ypsilanti, will be oecupied on the evenings of January 29, and February 1 1 , by troups sent out by C. J. Whitney. ...A man at Manchester has volunteered to raise political poles gratis for either party in that village. He is a man well worth politicians' support. ...Mr. W. W. Riggs, ofSylvan, droppcd dead of appoplexy, at his house on Friday last, aged 65 years. He was buried with Ma.sonic honors, at Grass Lake, Sunday labt. ...James Runsman and Lizzie Hartingan, of Chelsea, were married at the residence of James P. Wood, of that place, Wednesday, January 14, 1880. They have gone west on a wedding trip. ...It is said that the Ypsilanti Paper Company will put the Brush electric light into their paper milis next summer. We are using gasoline in the Courier Office, as a substituto for coal gas, and it works admirably. ...Wm. Knapp, of the firm of Wood & Knapp, Chelr-ea, was married to Mis fa tella Whitlessey, at Ypsilanti, Wednesday, January 14, 1880. Miss Whitlessey was formerly preceptress of the Union School in Chelsea. The cities of Washington, D. C, and Baltimorc and ihe State of Rorida will bo visited on their wedding tour. ...On Thursday evening, of last week, the Masons, of Manchester, Lodge No. 148 F. & A. M., visited the residence of Alert Case, who had been W. M. of their odge for some time, with their wives and sweethearts, and in addilion to presenting ïim with a past master's jewel and his wifo with a silver fruit and sugar dish, furnished the oyster tupper. ...By the published report of the Southern Washtenaw Farmers' Fire Insurance Ju. ,in the Manchester Enterprise, we notice that, while they have insurance policies to the amount of $499,475, they have not iad a fire in two years and not an assessni'iit in that time. Their total expenditures for the past year were only $60.10, while they received from membership fecs, etc., $115.03.