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KEAJHXÍ R0T1CES. Mr. Frank Hangsterfer is bound to outdo all the red riM" - '" oecn Kivcn, and to this end ia -paring no time or expense. In a nother c lumn wil) be secn an advertisetiipiir setting forlh in detail what he propoflei doin?. Let al turn out and uiake tbia the croivaing B dal of the i'car. F. S. Paekard, of Sturpis, will nddro-s the reform club, Sunday aftemoon. Elys Cream B'ilm cures Catarrh without the unpleasant effecta of snuffs or liquids. See advertiseinent elsewhero. [026-976] One Peculiar l'haracterlgtio Of Felluws' Compoand Syrap of Hypo ph(isihites is it pnwrr of di (iiiiip(].-in the tuod in the vtomaeb, renderiiu; digeatioc and assimilation more perfect. This partly accounts tbr the rapidity wiih whieli patients take ou rlt;h wliile usinjr the artiele. Bncklen's Árnica Salvo. The best salve in the world for cuts, tiruiscs, sores, uleers, salt rbeum, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, eorns, and all kiuds of skin eruptions. This salve is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaotioo in every case, or uioney rplunded. Price Ü5 cents per box. For sale by L. S. Leroh, Ann Arbor. 935-98G tluilly of Wrong1. Sonii' ple haveafkshion of oonfu excellent remedies with the lar "ji.iíent medicines," and in this thi jruilty of' a wronp. There are ome adverüsod remedies fully worth all thit is asked lor thi'm, and one at least we know of - Hop Bitters, The writer haa li to Use the Bitten n ju-t siich a olim we have most ot the year in l;iy City, and h;is always lound them to be tirst dass aod reliabfe, doing all that is claimrd tbr t ' - [Tribune. FacU Tliat We Know. If you aro sufferinif with a severa cuugh, cold, asthma, bronchitis, cinsumption, of voice, tickling in the tlnoat, orany affection of the throat or lunj;1, ■ hume thal Dr. Kim'x Noc Dlieovery will give you Itomèdiaté relict'. Ve kuow of hundreds of cases it bas complotily cured, and that wliere all other medicines liad f'aiied. No other ronedy c:in Bhow half as muny permanent aere, Now ta ivo you satisfactory proof that Dr, Kiog'a New Di ery witl emre yoo of asthma, bronchitis, hay fcver, eousuuiptiiin, severo coughs-, colds, hoacseness, or any tbroat or Iuuk disease, il you vfill cali at L. S. Leroh, Aun Arbor, drug store, you can pet a trial bottle for ten cents, or a regular mie bottle for $1. MS 0 8 STÜDKXTS' l.]( lii:i: ASSOt IViK . HON. WILLÏAM PARSONS, TUS POPULAR I.ECTUBEtt, WII.I. 1.ECTUIIK ON RICHARD BRINSLEY SHERIDAH, Jannury in, ikko. Mr. Parlona ha alreudy lactored ïn I jMiou -fruin "B U "J, iiiclunive. laXOHTai PEOCTEB, TUK ÖH KAT A8TKONUMEIÏ, W11J THE MOON AX1I OTHEB SATELLITES, Januui-y 0S, MM tTNIVKRSlTY HAI.L. TICKBT8- At Andrewe' Buottürc. WiTif