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A. L. NOBLE, ESQ., '"' """" "'" " Ann Arhor, Mich. DEAM SIR-Táking i ido consideraron the large quantities ofGoods you have yearly mirchased ofW, we consider our duty lo post you oflhe condüion ofaffairs as Iheunow eaM in the Woolen Market All classes of Goods ihat yo to comprise a ready-made Coat, Pant, or Vest, have adranced rom 15 to 35 i" r -, ni. within nineíp daps, and you cannot possibly replace your stock under 25 per cent, afjove its cosí lia i Spring Ooode earlp, when anawhere you can save the advana', for as soon,as wool, bought at presera, "high prices, ü made vnto pieee Goods, then will you begin to appreciate Ihis, what. roe trust, loñl be to you ít class merchant, a timely warning. ' We are, my dear Sir, Very truly yours, The above is from one of the largest, if not the largest, Youths', Boys' and Children's Clothing Houses in the United States. In anticipation of the advance, I bought largely, late in the season, of PLAIN AND FANCY CASSIMERE SUITS FOK, IMHEIsT JLETJD BOYS. CAS81HBRB Al UÜRSTED PAJVTS, FU W0R8TKD (JOATS AND VBSTS IN PRINCE ALBERTS AND CUT-AWAYS. And ana now showing a greater variety of styles and qualities than most Houses carry during the busy season. Customers will look to their interests by making their purchases in the next sixty days. OVEBCOAT8 AJNTD ULSTERS Will be closed at a great reduction, as I have not the room to spare to carry over. THE STAR CLOTHING HOUSE. Jaunary 15, 1HHO. . Xj. NOBLE. Kljr