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THIS WEEK AT THE CASH DRY GOODS HOUSE OF BACH & ABEL. We offer handsome BLACK SILKS at 70, 80 and 90 cents. Our greatest bargain is our $1 Black Silk. Our $1.25, $1.39 and $1.56 Black Silks are unequaled in price for the same grade of goods. Our 1.75, 2.00 and 2.25 Black Silks cannot be matched in this or any other city. In BLACK CASHMERES we still take the lead. We offer ten pieces of Black Cashmeres, all wool, forty inches wide, at 45 cents per yard; never sold in this market before, or any othcr, for less than 55 or 60 cents. We also offer ten pieces of 48-inch Cashmere at 65 and 75 cents per yard. While we are on the Cashmere subject, let us say: Our Black Cashmeres are sold with the guarantee that, if our prices can be bettered anywhere in Washtenaw County, we will rclund the money. Our one dollar Black Cashmere we positively guarantee as sold in this city at $1.15 and $1.20. If not so, cali on us to refund the money. Just opened 25 pieces of Fancy Brocaded DRESS GOODS at ten cents per yard - very cheap. Just received 100 more of our celebrated SPRINGER CLOAKS AND DOLMANS, which we will sell this week at prices never before named. Handsome Cloaks at 2.50, 4.00, 6.00, 8.00, 10.00 and 12.00. We can show more styles of Cloaks than all other houses in the city together. If you do not say so when you visit our Cloak Department, you need never visit it again. Special bargains in Hosiery, Ladies' and Genfs Underweav, Flaunels, Blankets, Gomïoitnblcs, Napkins, Towels, Table Linens, Fancy Bihhons , Ties, Laces, Buches, Fancy Buttons nml Kid Glovcs, 2, 3, 4 and 6 buttons. We are selling Domestics, Bleachcd and Brown Cottons, Tickings} Demins, Cheviots. Brown and Bleached Cantón Flannels, at New York Commission House Prices. To who have rcad our advertisement month after monlh, and as vet have failed to examine our goods and learn our prlees, ve can say Iliat your passlvlty costs you many Dollars. We offer inducements that no otlier House In the County (au mntch-priees that are far bejond the bare whispcr of competltlon. Come and see us, and we will ctnvinee you In a yery sliort space of time of tho difference between CASH and CREDIT. BAOH & ABEL. CASH DEY GOODS HOUSE. .jsmto