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ALLFORMER YEARS OUTDONE. 356,432 GKErtTTriHSTIE SIN&ER SEWING MACHINES SOLD IN Un, BSHO 7:!,ttüO More 'I lian in Aiiy 1'revlous Year ■ - V nr. NT KVEttY .MACHINE 8OLD BY 08. SOME VEEY HAED NUTS TO CEACK It-t. Coro pan 'm h bav i utig up In rvcry pnrt of th l'iri-iii Uu in:iiv ii Ku " pnt:i'i 'ti Sipper Mncblm. Of Mrniltit r ntd J'or tnak ither & nït.g Afachints t . jhltc wtil draw it - on infere nee. Gold I -.fuullij counti ri i'fi; brasa and tin ntvcr f ui. sinL'tT huw i.ik-ii thfl nit t PrlM om ai. ■ oiiiMtltura mora Uiad two huhshbd timw. VI After Chicago Plreihe Kellel i ommit fi; undi r U k to iiirtii!h sewlog machi nM tottte oofedy wotfe of 'Imt rity. Aplii' were [erm tted to choos lion ilx ditlVrcnt kinds ol machlnee. 2.!n ppl - wer lunnc-hfi: with m.v :in ■ ; 2,17 OAOt and ."it diitribnted their choic live other Kinds ui machines, Thes pirl i-ro t') KAHN THK'K LlVINfl "II ÜiOiW DMthltM Vli' dll Hm iiiko Mimet. Kor flirt hur particuluip ca)l on AT THI slMil.U OfPtCB, 17 SOUTH MAIN STREET W ho will iell yon a Sewiiii: Machine cbMiper thu ■nyolhei nuo. I m a--'eDt1o for thn DoMKSTI i thi NBW WIIIIK, the mort popolar nc In '!!-■ world, luivini; itiiH'U :t m' jceede on!y by the Sm_ it, in tli ■ -tiurt tipace o) twa l';l KF,PAIRIr, a Spcfially- Siiiïfrs Itde as (ed II Nn Ofitf I. L. GlUNNELL, Ann Arbor. FOR CKOICE . TO TUK STOHB OF c.ü.HEriPiiCK: No. 39 SOUTH MAIN STREET Hetter Knowa i tbe fltj nade. TEAS, COFFEES AND SUGARS (H uptTÍir iirtide, and nt tnorn renponabli' prirc ilmn in uJher p nee in the city. a Fii.t. ri-n ArTC"DT"!7C! always OP VXXvUvJuJXiXiö in 'i' ik FRESH BREAD AND CAKES AI.WAYS ON HAND. Riiiioniljir, tiiüt in oonnoctlon iili tliis Store is the b1 RESTATJBA1TT ín City for obtalnlng a irood s(juan ■al, at all honrs r the luy. 'pi.-tr w:theiain IBS ipiï! OFFICE: Ai Hale & Tremain's Drni Store. rtli RrltKh Iiisurnii ■■ (j (of Londün and Edinburgh,) Capital Í1O,'XK),OIX), 3old. Detroit Firc and Ilurliic Iiir. Co. ■É 'Attebt Hr",0OO. l'imj I vunla Ins. Co. of' I'IiIIh., Cafh Aseets fl.WlO.OiM). Nprliistioift Ins. Comp'y. ofiVais., Cih AieeU 11,1178,000. llnunn! ■■■. to,, of Ifei Vork, Coh Aeeets (695,50(1.00. The above Conjpanies paid over Fom Million tol!ars in the Chicago Fire. 7r ANTON EISELE, DUAI.KR IN í - - _ - =■ ' - The public I fnvlted to cali and examine speclmenB of thu celclirated KNOXVILLE, TENN..MARBLE Of which wc have a snpply of new flesljtns. It Is raporior to any mirh! In beauty Kiid durahiiity, aud tanen ths aittu it Sc i' li Granlt. IMtK I.S LOWERTHAN ÜVEIt. WoltK ALL W MdtANTEH. Shop- Cor. of Detroit and Catherine Sts. ANN AliliOli, MICHIGAN. 915tf 8, a. asreuKoípr :{ 1 3VEi C? H ITNTIST. DOES A.W WORS IX HIS I.INE. filipinos, Africultunl Hacbto ry,8ewiui Mai n d uocka H'puiri'd. Turólo KeyAttlng and trrindfiiK prumptly dona. Baep t '"ii inonmenj dl Ontlery, Locki ud Tool, whlvb wlll be ld cbAp, No. 36 South Main Street, A.N3ST AKHOIÍ. 9.'-!W8 All kinds of Hook-ltindiiitt done at The Courier oillcr on short uotlce.