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Ninety-five Per Cent. Sterling

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IRXTBIOIEDFL IOOOTMade toiupply the popular doman for an All-Rubber Boot, and rr. r:i ï ■■ i i Vp led ui lo thi&Lm of liubber. the flbre or grain OÍ whlch Í JM I tlouof tbe floret oT"cracAv"li mi te imponible, Ordiuary RubberBooU invariMjr wrinklo, lawlini tocraHt, besidosrhaflng thu feet and anklc. and wcaring out j tba ■tuekhiga. All thiri is obYiated by the Doublé Upper and iSoojt- A optki t SK Fillinp," in onlinary B iio rcr uicruiiL fa inda f gwmnd HnB TtTJBBEH BOOT ft Bcrips of cloth, and ífísfí!,' M ; Showing tbe Solii Rubber tfl norvrater-prooTut Hft RuDber Bootk. JL. pr Siorling Lh HEB-ire worn tbrougb.a 9S , L r B n b b e r- presents HMHHiHBHmmiwMiH ppr cent. adilitional H Ver, witüout Inoi-i or bulk or wi(iit. TUuse soles wiU uutvwimnl i... oícouiíuuu Babberfioou. Warranted Three Montlis, 1 1 and that there may b no quention ai to the tim, the patent ■BK!1 biodliig, aa Mea lo cut. prwvides a Bpace forerery day. muuth yi and year, ho that tho retail dealer vhen making a Rale, Oll can punch out the date thoreof. and the Boots will ia JjJWm - % theraselvca bt-ar permanent record of that dato. (íVe jfSSKz warrant in largo circular.) Every Boot boars the jffVÊÊ rant in llubher letters on the leg. VffdBB Altbough seeminply lii;)i ru; d, .ÁmÉ?: are more economical thau a Boot JM of lt;sH cost, and wi'h pri'in-r :iro HVJJJI wilt rfiiidT guod Sorvico froiu 'all jdHUflfl )p j until Spring. The Poor Man's Boot. SS f"" POR HALE BY ■HIPW Bju,j4fc 968-975 CYRIJS A. I.EWIS, 'o. 2 Enst Hnron StM Alm Arlior.