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C4URCH DIRECTORY. Baptist (huren. KT. S. Haskkll, Pastor. Sab ■ uu services, 10K a, m. and 7V4 r a. ■iu . lay afiur wrninK servio. l'ravnr .neetitu; fhursday eventns at 1% o'clock. Catholic Church. Rït. Fathku Fiklk, Pastor. ■ Ima, s k. ■ Hiu'h M;ws. 104 . h. Vespers f. . Snnday Schoul, ÍS4 '. . ( o!i!,Tt'ifatioiisl Chiircli. Hkv. W. H. Rvdl!, Pilor. -(il) . soMceí, ICi. i. and 71 p. i. -u iy Achool iitw mirniuir servioi1. Pra ■' 'neelin? Thursday orvnlog il "H o'c!o.-k. Episcopal ('liurch. Kkv. Wïllyb Hall, Rectir. ■i ibu.uh tarriow, lll a. m. aud 7V4 '■ . Suuiliy School, St p. . Hi'l iirions -erTices, Tliiirda evcDini; :il 7V4 o'clock . Merman Mcf liodist Chnrch. Kgv. C. Hki.wiu, Pastor. Sibivuh -.'Tvicot, 10t i. m. and 7" p. n. Snn iay School, at nlnc o'elock a. a. Prayer meeting on Wednday. Ltitheran Chiircli. Rv. Joun Nïumamn, Pastor. ia 'i .th surviccñ, 9M a. m. and 74 p. . su ïiiy School nfter morolnft pfrvlce. l'riyer lueeiinK. Thorsday eveningit 1% o'clock. Methodist Church. Kkv. Jous Alabastbk, Pastor. s.ib'ath services. 104 a. m. and 7% r. a. Sun iv Si -!i,iol titer mornim serrice. l'rayer :a:-Uinif, Thursday evenlnjf at 7H o'clock. ï iiiit l''.iiila b M(ictiUL', Sntur'lay 1 p. a. Preshyterian Chnrch. Rkv. Krbd T. Bkown, D. U., Pastor. feftbktb .rvlcw. 10 a. a. and T r. a. Sa i lny Schooland Bibleclassafter loornlng service lr ;vt' tioi'tioff, Thursday Bveniuu at 8D'clock. V.i ,:i; tVoii:.-' toetiiii, Snnday eveuine H. Unitarian Chnrch. Kev. 1. T. BokBULAHD, l'astor. si losm services, 11)1.4 a. m. aud TH r. a. S inday School at 12 a. Studente' dlble Clase at .: 1B a. a. ion Lutlipraii Clmrch. Rv. H. F Bílskr, Pastor Sahbath s.tvIccs at 10 a. a. and 7 p. a. J 111 i.iy Sch.l iminediai'ly ifter mnrnlne service. Rftltgtottf Vil tlcet vVednysday even ing at 7 o'clock. BUSINESS CAROS. .EO. W. RENWICK, ƒ From the New Kopland ƒ foryof Music, Boston. Teacher " ' ocal and Instrumental Muele and # Hnrraony. ƒ ƒ Condnctor of Vuelca! ƒ tli'im and ev.-nlne c'afses. ƒ Prívate leasonn ill he givon at ƒ the repidence f ; ƒ Address P. O. Bol ISDl, Ann I Arl.or. 961 9SB vrn. r. stevens, K.D., ukyaciaaaniSirtteoA OFFICE, :V2 Washington Streel Offire Sovrt-1 (o B ■. ., lOtSO . M. i" ., '! l" 1 m"! " t" H I'. " Bftidence No. 10 Grove Street. gtl MVUV E. EOSIEIt, ttorney at gaw. Office at ner refMBBOfc o. Wcttt CthrÉnp Ht OÍFIC HOÜBÍ I ƒ Prom ío'clock a. m lo 1p. . ƒ IWlf "T HFAKY K. HIIX, V ATTORNEYATLAW Real Estufe Hrnker, AND INSURANCK AUKNT. OTTur. : S!o. 1 Opera Honm Blook Ann Arbok, Muh 7M.-)lf "7 JOH L. I!I KLI KJII, T Attorney -AND Counselor at Law. OTPIOK : Over National Bank, Ann Arbos. 7ÍMII W. H. JACKSON, DENTISTA Office oer Kacb A Abel'. Sntrance by Flret Natloiial Banlc.X 7:tf F. SORO, ifoasB, Siín and Ornamental ƒ 'aintkr. PapertnR, Olazinj?, rildlng, and work of every crlutiuu duue in the beet etyle. í'alntp, Olla, and Varniphen un ƒ I i and and for Bale. Shop, No. 33 "iiwt Washington Street, Ann Ij Krbor, Mlch. 80ítf WILUAM HEKZ, HOÜ88, SIQN, ORNAMENTAL i PKBSCO PA1NTER. Xpaperln?, Glazing, Glldini? and CalciA VniniiiL', and work of every decriptlonV done lu the beat ttyle, and wfirram- to i;ive atiHfactioii. Shop No. 4 Wortl VVaehlnïton Street. Aun Arbor.MlchA 63Mf THE ANN ARBOR Savings Bank, Ann Arbor, II lililtjuii. TRAHSACT3 GENERAL BANKING BUSINESS, CAPITAL, $50,000. Orifanlzed nnder the Gemrai Hanklng rw of thie State, the atockholdern are Indivldnally llxble lor au additlonal amount oqiml to the stork held hv tlicm tlienïby cruatliii; a 4uarante r'unit for the benefit of lepMitorH of $100,000.00. Four per rent. Istereal 11 tlknred on all SaYlnit Depoütts of ou dollnr and upwardM tecordinc lo ihc rnk'ii of 'hfï Btnk,and Interest - omi'inindi'd eiol annaiilly. Money to loan nu unlni umhered real eittate and other good i-cciirlly. ')lrtctort -Chriitlan Maok.W. W. winei, ! A Bi-nl Wllllam Deuhel, illiam D. lUrriman Daniel riiícork. and Wlllard B. Smiih Oftlrerx: Cbkibtiin Mm, Pre W. W. Winks, Vlce-Pres. Cuas E. Hix'ock. C'anhler. 15 96 zj.0 to WINANS & BERRY FOP. MBRGHANT TAIL0RIN6 For the folloniiiK reaonit: Ut. Onr wnrl; la all tlr-t rlaax. I. Mr. Bcrry b ihe .rnlv nuir in 'h.' state who can lílvc you a iirrfeci fit without Inint on. 3d. We have the larga! awortmsnl in ihc stnie, havlnir over 00 diffcr.-nt sivlfü to aelec hom in foreign and tlommtic Wnolens and WorUmb. Ith. We ue none nut Hi-t-clai' tnmniliiL'K. Sth. We are full 0 per cení, below Detroit irirc. W1NANS & BBKKY, S56-10OT No. 11 South Main Htnet, Ann Arbor. TAMKS McMAHON, ATTOENEY AND SOLICITOE, CIRCUIT COURT COMMISSIONER AND INJUNCTION MASTER-Ofllce In New Court House. [921-972