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The Landing Re publican lias the following interesting article on the school law of the State, the relercncs are to complier's MatiofM in the general h;IiooI laws of 1879 : 1. A ccrtitii;uie ih ueceseary a, school officers etoool contract witha teacher not holding one- ?' [48, I I , A, no public inoney can le pad to gucb teacher - (62) ; e, áistrieta employiBg such teacher oaniiot draw public inonej.-. - í (,si). A certifícate inosl f'vir the eqtire time of eugagi ment as teacher. '2. Kxaminations are required by law i'l'Oii orthography, reading, writing, gramimr, geograpby and aiithinctic- (J85). l!' au upplicant proposes lo toach in a .-clioolwhere additíooa] branches are taught, t hi.' cxaminer should require cxamination ujion Huch ailditional hwnrihw 3. Curtifioates ot tlic lirst urade are valid for two years (liroughout the tonnship wliere granled ; those of the steond giade, tur olie year thrnujrhout the township, and thMB of the third rade, for siï months in bh distriot HMOifiaj liierein - Ü (ls."). 4. The townahii) superintendent may revuke or sófpena a certifícate for any reasnn tbttt would have, justified him in witliholiliiic it when given ; bm an opportooiiy lor (iiTeriM! against all charxes I bc given the teacher- l (185). fti junsdictiou extends to all districts whose ■■chuol housos arr shuati il '.itliin liis township. 5. A male teacher is requtred to pay a fee of $1, and a ti cuule teacher a fee of 50 oeota u)on obtajning a oertifioate, provided soöh lee has not been paid ]ireviously within the current school yar - Ü (193.) ïhe school year e IMMnM vvith the lirst Monday in September. 0. Contracta wiih tracliers must be in writing, and - 1 u r ■ - i by a uiajority of the board on beban öf the district: it must specily the wages :irpi upon, and shall require the' tuuclici.t to keep a correct list ofthepupilsi theiraes, and the number of days cach one i.- in attendance, and to ruroisb the director wiih a correct copy of thu same at tlio olose of the schooi. Contracta iuust tío in duplícate, one of which shajl be filcd with the director and the olhcr is funiished to the teacher - ? (48). 7" The school law is silent upon tbe subject of holidays ; but the supreme court has decided (hut tliere uliouM be no deduotion froui a teacher's wagse on account of legal holidays. The legal holidays are January lat, Febroary ülM, May 30th, July 4th, Dec. L'5th, and all ilavs appomted by the président or gbveoor as dya uf fasting or tliunksuiving. ,s. A teaahei mudt be govorned by all rules formaliy adaptad by tlie board. Retu-nl to do so aiiiuunts to a l'orfciture of the contract, - uoless the rulea are grossly unreasonable - ? (.0'.))9. The distrwt Lo:ird are bound to keep the school hou-e in repair, with necessary conveniences, and a failure to do so works a forl'titure of the contract on their part - í (50).