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...The total number of studente in tha University is 1,410. ...Dr. A. Jones, '78, is in the city, havïng brought a patiënt to the clinic. ...The schedulo of studies for next semester is expected to be out next week. ...Dr. Palmer commenced lecturing to the medies the 6rst Monday after his return. ...Prof. Morris gave his classin French an interesting lecture on French literature Friday last. ...The insects in the Beal-Steere collec;ion are being re-arranged and put into etter shape. ...The dental department are to have sonie new models, relating to their branch of education, from Paris soon. ...The foundation for a carpenter shop is being laid. The building will stand a short di.-tanee in (he rear of the dental college. ...At the meeting of the Naturalist club, on Saturday morning, Prof. Steere read an nteresting paper on the Mammals of this vicinity. ...The annual banquet of Kent Chapter of the Phi Delta Phi fraternity, will be held at Hangsterfer's hall, on the evening of ?ebruary 20th. ...Dr. Maclean moved into his new office n the rear of his house this week. He bas associated his brother, Dr. Archie Maclean, with him in business. ...NextThursday is the day of prayer for colleges, lt will be observed in the University. Let the pale-faced freshmen reoice for the day of rest ...Mr. James B. Wood, a gradúate of he houioopathic departmont, who iü prac icing at Monroe, Alich., was visiting HeDds in the oity last week. ...The special committees of the Y. M. T. A., held a meeting to discuss the plans o be pursued by the Association for the bllowing year, last Saturday evening. ...The laws have engaged J. C. Redpath, he professor of belles lettres and history of Ashbury University, in Indiana, to doliver efore them the customary annual address on Washingtou's biithday. ...The lecture befure the Sludents' Lee ure Association by Hon. William Parsons on Richard B. Sheridan opened with an inroduciion of vivid word picturing. It was witty and interesting throughout and was well appreciated. ...A full report of the reception reeen tly given Prof. A. B Palmer, from the time ie struck tho city and was escorted to the campus, until the close of the banquet, will K) given in the Uuiversity, which will be ssued to-morrow. ...Dr. Paluier arrived from hisEuropean our Friday noon and was welcomed home y nearly three hundred of the medical studente, who, headed by the Ann Arbor rass band escorted him to his residence. n the eve ning a sumptuous banquet was given in his honor at the Chandler Heuse, and appropriate toasts responded to. ...The Ladies Temperance Assoeiation lave elected the following offiVers for the ensuing year : President, Miss C. Le. B. Tobnson ; vice president, Miss A. B. Gelson ; secretary, Miss Anna Underhill ; treasurer, Miss E. M. Snyder; executive committee, Miss F. P. Andrews, Miss Kate Joman, Miss Mary Harding, Miss Mary J. Snoddy, Miss Mary E. Clark. ...C. S. Knight, M. D. '78, located at ürwin, K-insas, is nowin this city, having 'ound a patiënt whom none of the doctors n his vicinity could teil what was the mater. Knight pronounced it an ovarían tumor, and as the old heads insisted it was not he advised the patient to come with ïim to Michigan University, where, as he xpected, his diagnosis was confirmed by he hospital authorities. ...On Sunday morning last, Mr. Lucian r. Hoisington, of Marcellus, Mich., died at the University hospital, where he had een under treatment for some time for uppuration of the kidneys. This is the irst death that hath occurred in the hosital during the present college year. The !eceased was one of seven brothers, who served in tho Union army, and during that service he contracted the disease that has marred and cut short his existence. He iso lost an eye in the service, and, as an nstance of the unintentional injustice that s sometimes done by the Government in reating its soldiers, it may be said that for he eye, which did not prevent him followng his usual vocation, he was awarded a mail pension, while for the disease, which isabled him, causing his dismissal from he army and finally costing his life, he has eceived no remuneration. This is the hird member of that family who have allen victims to diseases contracted in the nny, two of whom have died since their cturn home, a fact which suggests how far ny statistics fall short of showing the enire casual ties caused by the war. The oceased was of a very fine fauiily and was lighly esteraed by all who knew him. He caves a wife and scvaii children. ...The junior cluss, at a meeting held heore the Christmas recess, decided to dispense with the customary junior hop at the end of the first semester. Accordinglyth societies toak the matter in hand, and wi perpetúate the old custom in a fraternit hop, to be given at Armory Hall on Janu ary 20. The hop is still conducted by th juniors, the cotnmittees from tho severa societies being chosen from that class. Th most complete arrangements are being made, and it is expected that the affair wi be much more enjoyable than under the ol( plan. Drake at Philadelphia furniahes th invitations, which are out this week, ani Spiel of Detroit the musie. One very ac ceptable innovation is the reduction of th price of tickets f 'rom fi ve to three dollars which is much less than the actual cost, a large part of the expenses being defraye by an assessment on the society men, Since the seniors have decided to abolish the senior reception, this will be the only form al hop of the year, and all who possibly can should by no means fail to attend. The cominittees from the societies are as fol lows: - Chl Psi- Moss K. Perklna, Max Zinkersen. Alpha Delta Phl- O. M. Goodrich, Duane Fox Delta Kappa Epsllon- C. T. Thompson.Whlt more Hunt. Zeta Psl-C. T. Brace, S. H. Du Shane. Sigma Phl- H. C. Richardson, E. H. Ozmum Psl Upsllon- B. L. D'Ooge, C. H. Johnston. BetaTheta PI- W. T. Whedon, D. A. Gar wood. Phl Knppa Psl-C. R. Buchanan, H. M. Pul ham.