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Plants In The House

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Crysanthemuragafterthey havo flowered, ihould be cut down, and ihe poU pui in thi cullar, and llave a rest, betog left without water, uniera there i.s danger of beeoniai ' ki ling dry..1' Ilangin; plants art' mort :ipt tlirm others to Mithr fniin diyncss T.i water ÜCIB perf'ectly, plunge the baj-ket into a buckrt. and lettheearth bteoine thuroughly eoaked through. Return tlitin to their places after all dripping has oeaaad. Bulbs in pot are to bebroughtout of the collar tor i-arly blooni, wheu the plauts are wi 11 riRitnl. vr art aniini: the most attiacive o! r n plaDM, ud e:isy to manage. lt wil Mipmvr tl., ir e Midition rreatly, to pn owr tlieui uno a v L'. k, wit I. ! .-piniL-i' ui Mifl i-Id th. i.n i w,h dust forti) the teavea. l'lio imer.i'i' ri tak' s luuoli Ie time thai onc Wnuid Mi'n.-c tlld il tllows liin BCttl uii'ri i hu uiiri ciu-iiiy ot ihr Ivy, { In so. ii on i J lir-i aiiraiatioc aml r. u.uvi d i the ui uu old touth brufh. Ihisi. - W'lu'ii j i r i ix being done, lir p . u-:li n 1) covered willi a cloih ur in w piipui', t kn.-ji ..ft llrt i]ut. ( ':h erwiir tlic (tvkIibcbi aid beauty ufsthc t"li ue will non be li-i. The ppoiuiiiwol 'I" siuÖQttl aii.l thick leived plauts (see uniiei Ivv). will mld totlair healih imd beauty H'.ji ■;( V low Win Cis ;i;o, % do lul couipiiiined to us tiiat hi planis were iu a tj.ii 1 wa . tli. y nul only did nul grow, bul liy dniiiiiiii; ih ir luaVa, wnr aeiuullj1 di in i in-d luir in v.f. in s'iii' nl tl 1,-u'i lliat he waicnil thein rutulurl eyerj day. At lii-i reqhust vu: wint tn -■■ tin: Hanl; ïhj i ir ai ciol vviinl.nv iu Iih iilt'n.!'1, ui por uulain, and otliur lazcd, and vi r lunl uu pols, and thu e.irth in rarli h;i in a itati ut mud. l'robably abuui M man plant" m riiniis, iré killed by excess ot' waiur, ae by the liok ui' it. (jlazcd pots enpeoiallj uugbt to be so drained, that all 8IO638 O wal. r wiil pa-s ntl, and the poltili m .sluiuld be su opeOi tliat it will not re lain water to exoeaa. A tittle observatioi will nhpw wliin a plant needs water, ap itsbouid be given, nut by any rule, hut ac cnrdiiiL' lo reuinreiiifiits of thi; plant. -