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Shoeing Horses

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'['he Rev. W. II. II. Mnrriy, whn-e lid vice is wurtli beeJing, Baya about .-li eintr The íiai a miouM be quite i-malí, and driveí in moro genly than is the CUMIOIU. Tlirrt is uo n-a.-on wliy the suiitli .hould diivo a blow at tlie littlf nail head a smm: hi would deliver at the lira.l ot' a spike in ar oak beau:. J tic liouT ot tne norse i no au oak Btíck, aml ihe delioately poiotei and slender-headed nail is not a wruojih iron spike, and yet ynu will see (be nailt (thitk away at thciu as if' il was a marte of' lite and dcath 10 gol tbeni eotifely 88 in at two bluw.s ol' bis iiaiiinnr. ItiBÍctt iha tlie miiliT fliall drive his naila slowly am steadily, instead of' using violeöbe. It bi nail i badly pointed and ;et out of pTÓpè line ut din etion, DO preat injuiy is done It can be witbdrawii and a new une íui?(i tuted, witbuut bami having beèp done tbe toot. Hut tbe swüt, biind and viotepl :t. prevenís all sueh care, and Bi[io8es tli hori-e tn tcniiinraiy, if not prniani nt in jury. ijentk'iioss slimild be ezërcbed i' olinchiog the iiaÜ8. 9 ever allow a smiil to tutiih a rasp to the outer surlace ol tli hoof. Nature has covered i' with a tliii lilauietit ol' enainel, the object uf which i to prol eet ihe inner nicnibmtic and fibe froiii expOflure to wi.ter and atmoaphere Tlie eüaniel is exactly what nature puts on the t-urtace ot jour tinger-nail, reader Under nu circuiDMtances huuld it ever b touched. It it is removed nature will b wiekedly deprived of' her ueeded covering aml oraelly ett exposed to the elements. Abu.-es in tlie shoeing oi boraei are un doubiedly viry great. Wben ve eonñde how liitle ordinary stuiths know of tb anatiimy and ofRceif tbe couiplieiited Mtruc ture of tbe horse's hoof' Hni toot, we ca rewlily uoderstand the liubility to thes ahiiM s. A hore-shoe i.i a human invi n tion that is calculatcil to injure the fio1, o the animal that is (Joouied to wear it. I Kopland the nmst .-killed men in the veter inary art advocate its entire abandonmen