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German Women As Farm Laborers

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Tn Tormany and Austria women seetu t do most ol farui wnrk, and olten tli beaviesl part of it. They pitch the ba upon the wagon, while the mao - fjhere b one ot'thü party - receivesarid storee it. have setin many of' them plowin?, ani otb ers witli f-cythe ur hickla, holiliiir thtir lin with mi'ti. Tn w:■p tl stieets of grca ities, to Iruoiili' ovcrl urdened wlieel-har row or handoarta through BtreeU orowdec with swif't goiog drnsehkies, io split, al l pile (irwoil, to serve as uuskilled hit in jtloac and iron works, Ponndries ani machine -obopg, in cany sloiic, Inicio, -atu and iiitirtar tu BMOM aml work ing on the upper Btorics of the hiheb buildings, will not M-cin to the averag Amerioan woman tiictly fmiiinine oocupa tiuiiH Vet, so lorijr as flawer of'tnascu line youth and theviorol Europön man ben! are to be dedicated, as they niw an (O barracks and camps, sucli musí cnnliiiu tn be tb( OOOUJMUioHÏ of l'1-' DJOtheW ii niüny future American citizen.s. In (er tnany the plow has generaliy supileii)ente the spade and tliescythe ihe sickli-, but no until I reuclu-d Central Austria did I see i craille; and even thcre its ue Sppearei