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Dr. S. Whittier

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The Clly Kallway ('ompany of 'hieago works 4,76O Boraes. Kead % hal Superintendent MBlnf ha lo -ay : Wi ate oxciusively Whittier's Liniruent. It wül pay all ownors nf hnri s in e i!l or write. M. W SQCIKKS, S.,'t. ('. ('. H. & . The Expres Company work :17O BoffWW. Kciul hal tu]ierln tendenl Rulghi hi to mij : 1 have been Uéïoft Liniment on the horses of the Anicriciii and United Company atables ftr 24 years. I never met any that h_a'd nne lenth the m of Whittier's Liniment. Our gtableo re open. Cali and w for y.Mtrwlve. H. KNKiUT, 8ui't U. 8. Kx. Co. The Transfer Oinpany of ChUasio work 7H I lloreii. Kond wbal WI, V()l(i & CO. have to ay : 124 Michigan Avenue. - Whittier's Liniment sbould hu ín every barn. It haa rt al merit. The eoiurnelor for clean Ing ol" eilj work S llorse. Hear whal C. T. IlOTCIIKIiS 4c CO. have lo ay : Whittier's Liniment will cure innie in nne day ihan all frthers in n month. C. T. IIOTCIIKrsS & ('O , Street OaniOi Contractore. Seralehes, Greaaed Heel, Thru-li, i.Hllel pol Trom anj eaii-, heal lip in Irom iwo Jo Ihree upplicatloii, and yui eau work the hore every daj , and you eau eure hiin al llie wiinc linie. It will lak e out all iiifluiuuiatioii in a few inonienl. There is no Remedy on Earth that Equals Whittier's Liniment for R!ieumatism. ■ I will have llie ame apon he human. Pile. Bcrofiila, üeald iiend, Catarrtf, Ptñiplés or Bloicbes on Faee or Bodjr, Oíd Niiro, or l'reh Cuín. ONLY 5O CENTS J BOTTLE. ÑO. 2O4 EAST WASHINCTON STREET, CHIC CO, 9LL. PU NA1-K KÏ II. J. HIK.WN A: CO.i ÍN ABBOH. W58-1009- eow