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IIANGSTERFER'S OY8TEE AND ICE CREAM PAELORS, 30 AND 32 MAIN ST. CATERING FOR PARTIES AND BANQUETS A 8PECIALTY. Wedding Cakes, Ice Crem, Macaroona nd Creara Kins I'jramld MADE TO OHDllt ON .HOUT NOTICK. Whi maii'a French Candle, Kreah Figs, Malaga Qrapee, Floilda Oraucef, Ac, Ac, KIPTCONBTANTLT ON BIND AT HANGSTERFER'S 30 AM) 3!i MAIN STREET. 959-1010 pilüF. RKUBEN KEMPF, flavina Juut (traduated from the Cnnservatory of Miific Stultgarl, Utrmany, whero hu received a rhorouRli eilucatlon, and iDtructl"nn in thi' Intikt mt'thodM of ti:achlriL' music, ii uow pBepared to eiv Leaaooa In llurmon i , and on llir i'imn. and Orjun. l'lauua Umi-d on raatoiMble term. Hnoiim, n.,rihcait corner ')í Main and Lil)erly' l. np-Btaitd, Ann Arhor, Mlch. m lmw g F. BOYLAN, Real K . Farme and Boneea bonght, sold, rented, rei alred and inaured. Offlce at WOLVKRINE STORE, !'tf Corner of Hnron and Flflh Street. y ILLIAM W. NICHOLS, DEISTTISTl HwtzS SuccenBorto O. W North. Offlce, 1 South Main Street, appoelte National Bank. Reuldence 27 Lib. erty Streot. Nitrooj oiide ifa adminltered when To Inventors and Mechanics. Patenta and How to Obtain I h. m. I'ttmphU'ta of 60 pairee free, upon recelpt of sumps for iosuue. Addr. a GILMORE, SMITn & CO., SiillcltorH of Patentp, Box 31 "tf Washington. D. C. T OGS WANTED. 1 wlll pay, at the Ann Arhor team sw mili, fnr Vtiili' iir BwaJBp Oak Iiic, from....i 8 to $10 pi'r M i-il iak Ilntt Lop, aoaiid 7 per M White Ah „ 10 14 „er M Whnewood io p,.r M }'.iwood 8 10 Tirr M : U PrM lara Mupte io „,. u 1"iit J5 40 per M f 10 15 perM Ked tlm io por m Wlll hay logs wlthln tour miles of my mlll, If doired, and draw them. 1'iTKOns havlng Ioüs to aell are requestod to cali ml seo nio aa aoon as ponnllik'. Nov. 4, 1879. J. T. HALLOCK. MM r