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MR8. SoOTT SlDDONS ill jiivt! one of her raadiog in Uuivursiiy liall l 1 nilit. '■ - ♦ O. E. Hott, it' the Dexter Leader, made tliis office a pleanol wil Saturday. Mr. Wm. Pottkr lelt tor ECmnMB on Thursday, to take charge of his cattle raDeh. THE receipts of Frank Hang-terfi-r's social was neariy $150, and net proiits about $80. Of Tuesday this office reoetved a cali from Warren K. PatriiMn. of the Ypsilanti Commercial. E. J. Johnson has been appointed coroner by tlie prosecuting attorney and county clerk. LüNA B., daughter of Geo. B. 11. Davis, of the fifih ward, died of consuruption last Monday, in her nineteenth year. The Rev. Mr. Sunderland will lccture next Sundry evening in tlie Unitarian church. Bübjeot: "Thomas I'aine." Frank IIanostkkfkr is entitled to thanks for a plentilul supply of Adaiu's ale, furnished weekly to the Goi d Templara. S. D. Cropsey, of ünondiigo Gounty, N. Y., was in the oity Tucsday visiting his fit her, who tlien clebrated hisninety-first birthday. S. S. Calkins, ot' the Cleveland (Obio) temperanoe tabernacle, who is a vtry tiuc orator, will address the rtd rilibon club next Sunday afternoon. Rnv. Du. Miles Bronson, forty foor years a missionary ia &8Mm, India, will speak of his work, at the Baptist Church, Sunday mtrninu and evening. The ticket office in the opera house hall has been removed, and a rear d'.or will be made so as to facilítate the egresa of the people thcre assembled in case ot' fire. Rev. Dr. BboWN is delivering an intercsting course of Sunday evening lectures on "The Evidences of Chrutianity." The third lecture will be given next Suaday. Tuesday evtning lust the Good Temp lars regüed themselves with confoationery. kindly furnished by a member. This served toweelen their otlierwise sour dis positiom. Wm. Allaedyce, son of Mrs. M. Aliardyce, who reside on State street, died on Sunday, January 25th, aged fourteen years, six months, and thirteen days. Disease, diabetes. Mr. J. S. Case and Arthur Polhemus have purchased "80 acres of land iu Mis souri, and Dtend working the lead minos on the same. Mr. I'olheinus moves th re next week. _ We believe that the youngest editor present at the Michigan Press Association meeting in this city was Mr. Fred Slocura, of the Oakland County Alvertiser, whose age is 20 years. Mr. Charles E. Hiscock aud I. C. Handy, W. M.'s of Fraternity and Golden Rule Lodges, F. and A. M., respectively, atteüd the meeting of the Grand Lodge in Detroit this week. The newly eleoted officsrs of the Lodi reform club, are : President, J. II. Ilicks ; vice presidenta, Geo. Vreeland, E. Glover and Lizzie Sage ; secretary, John Perkins; treasurer, L. Sweetlam!. A NEW encampment of I. O. O. F. will be instituted at Gra.-s Lake on Wednesday, January 28, by the Grind Patriarch, assisted by Past Grand Patriarch Jonathan Sprague, of this city, and oihers. H. R. BtLL hasg-tne eat to see the proprietor of the opera house in order to get his lowest figures for ihe same, to present to the reform club. The club has about deuided to eiiher parchase or build. Seth Thompson, of thu city, who is 77 years oíd, and a ro.-idont of this county since 18:51, called in to renew his subscription to The Courier, looking hale and hearty, with the exception of being slightly lame. County Clerk Claiik has purchased, for his ofEce, a fine L-hipi'd dek, at a cost of $68. In each und is a patent revolving pier with places for (tering blanks and papers, and is the most perfect desk in the court-house. The Good Templar.s iiiNtall their officere next Tuesday evening. Speeches will be delivered by the officer elect, and all rneiubers are especially requestcd to be present. Deputies from the Grand Lodge of Michigan will perform the ins'all ition oeremony. Marqaret, daughter of Patrick W. Quinn, of the fourth ward, died very suddenly at the Cook House on Saturday, Jan. 24ih, of hemorrhage of the lungs, as she was sick but one-half hour. Her age was twenty-three years, two months, an 1 tweoty-seven days. The expenses and pnuuiuiiH nf the P.iultry and Pet Stock Association having exceeded the reoeipts, steps are being taken to form a stock company, the same as in Detroit, uuder the belief that an exhibition in the future will pay, besides making up the deficiency. ÍP you enter the store of Wines & Worden, there you will find Mr. Wm. Fiacher, who has held a clerksliip with this firm for thirteen consecutivo years. Although this firm has a corps of competent and tnutlemaoly clerka, there are many ladien who desire to be waited on by Mr. Fischer only, for they always fiad hiin the same, and he has obtained confidence of the "darling dears." Good clerks and proprietora always malee a business popular. Tuk will of the late A. K. Clark, of Salioe, was filed for probate, and Monday last, the day appointed for proving it, when certain of the legatees, Mrs. Mtlo M. Rouse and Mrs. Brainard Mason, both of Saline, not approving of its provisions, appeared, by attorney, as contestant, and Albert M. t Mark and Arthur S. Clark, also of Saline, and the remaining legatees, appeared as proponenta. The day of heariog was fixed, by Judge Harriman, for Tuesday, February 17. _____ Mr. Bernhard Bindeb has clerkod for Mr. Philip Bach for twenty-throe consecutive years, having clung to him through the life of several partnerships, the present firin being Bach & Abel. He must be a good clerk, thoroughly honest and competent, to maintain his position for so many years ; in fact, both parties must bc ■ genial spirits, and their being associated together for so long a period speaks volumes in favor of both parties. Mr. Binder is quite popular among our Germán peoplo, and necessarily attracts and holds considerable dI' their trade. The mnual session of the Grand Kncampinent, I. O. O. F., of the State of Michigan, will be held in this city, commencing in the eunrt house on Wednesday, February Uth. The nuinber of delegates will be ubout 150. On Thursday, the Itth, Ingersoll Encanipuient of uniformed patriarchs, No. 12, of Detroit, will visit the enrampment. and immediately after dinner will parade the streets. Their uniforms are similar to the Knight's Templar, only a little more gaudy ; and as ihey took the pr.ze (we believe) at the Centennial as being the bost drilled and equipped cncampuient in the Union on their grand parade there, we can expect to see a fine body of meu and fine evolutions. An invitation has been extended to Company A to ecort tbem, which has been accepted. Ski ii Gilland, a stout two-fisted, ableboilied man, was arrested for refusing to support his sick wife and several small ehüdren. He was compclled to give bail to provide for their support or go to Ionia for ninety days. Hochose the formeralternative, N'elson Sutherland, for whom he had worked, going his security. While his fainily were starving, Gilland had moncy wit h which to purchase fine $10 boots, and attend dances with awoman other than his wife. We understand he says that when the ninety days are up, not one dollar more will he provide for his family. If such are his sentiments, a coat of tar and feathers and a fence rail-ride would be none too good for him. His wife, who was a fine looking and amiablc girl when he marricd her, has mffered more than she will teil, wlule living witb this fellow. Mr. Shoemaker, president of the State Pioneer Society, sends us the following : ''The annual meeting of the State Pioneer Society will be held at Lansing in Repre sentative Hall, commeocing Wednesday, Feb. 4th, at two P. M., and continuing through the evening of the 5th. The proramuie will consist of vocal and instruruental music ; address of the President ; the usual repons of officers, interesting papers from C. D. Randali, Coldwater, on the Pottawattamies ; Gen. Ralph Ely, Alma, history of Gratiot county, continued ; Col. Freeman Norvall, Detroit, Life and 'I iines of John Norvall ; Col. M. Shoemaker, Jackson, His Experienee in Libby Prison ; Hon. H. G. Wells, Kalamazoo, Biographical Sketches of the Bench and Bar of Kalamazoo County ; Hon. H. N. Wulker, Detroit, Bench and Bar of Detroit; Wm. Bronson, St. Johns, Pioneer History of Clinton County ; O. S. Burgess, Richmond, Early Settlement of Macomb County. Also from Judge A. C. Baldwin (Pontiac), Staart (Kalamazoo), and Gen. B. F. Partridge (Bay City), titles not yet received, and others. Time will also be set apart for five minute speeches, reminiscences, etc. Reduced rates have been secured at all the leading hotels in Lansing. Arrangements have been made with the principal railroads leading to Lansing, to sell tickets to Lansing and return for two cents per mile each way. There has been considerable difficulty of late in the ranks of the Ann Arbor City Band that dates back to the last election of officers. The election was on regular night for election as provided by the constitution of the organization. In order to allow all members to be present the president did not cali the meeting to order until 9:30, when 18 of the 22 members were present. Mr. Simonds received 12 and Mr. Otto 6 votes for instructor, and the former was declared duly elected ; and frora this really dates the trouble as the Otto faction did not propose to submit. Of tbose not present not all were Otto men. The statement bas been made that the Bubscriptions were secured with the understanding that Company A were to have charge of the instrumento, but the subscription paper upon which the subscriptions were received does not bear out this assertion ; furthermore the band have themselves paid $117 towards the instrunients and are therefore entitled to a voice in tbe matter. Henee the attempt to force the members of the band who prefer Mr. Simonds as leader and who do not t-o desire, to turn over their instrument to Company A wiil bear a little investigating. The question should be settled with respect to the rights of all concerned. The regular organization bas been kept up frojp the outset and now they have legally incurporated themselves so that any question as to rights in the premises can be legally adj usted.