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Ninety-five Per Cent. Sterling

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EITTIÖIBIEÏFI BOOT. Mul toiupply tho popular iemand lor Q AH-Bobber Boot. and asj l.r.toubie tMcïnea of ÍSibber, the flhre or grato of wbii ticm o Mm fibn? or "crac!" i W la In Mible. Ordinttry BubberB .....n, locracka bealdea chaftng tbe feet uu i :inkl,-s, mcl n 3k IL tockiUK. All thia ia obviated by tho Dnubln l r auil V;';.. OF & the ll:u'k part ifiV,! BË -Sectionol View ed 'oua ihibtwr '.J So Per Coiit. Sicrims ï iii,!, I ËSSSrxS ij'SiSS 1 JBl Rubber Boota. JL " HB '■'1 worn through, tSii. -J por r'ont. all I w#r, withoul Incre "- Ui .-.„.a. TUeao au lea w UI Hi -;ini j wer overal pairn uf coiuuiou ltubber Jioots. Warranted Tliree Months, ■ and Ihat thoro may be no question as to tha time, the patent Mm binding, M seen ín cut, proviilea a epace for every day, uiouth Lg$ and year, bo that tho rotail dealer wlien making a alo, can punt-h out tho dato then-of. umi tho lïoots wiü 11 ■'-'. ■' themaelvea bear permancut rtvorl f tbat 1 . t i . ■■ ■■ J&JwS& warrant in largo circular.) Every Boot buars tbo Jj pant iu llubber letters on the leo; éKm Although seemintíly hih priced. OBI are more Oooiiomii-ftl than a Boot ami0ÊÊm oí lesa oost, and with proper rö. BtfBS I wil! render good ervico frum l'all HSBI uutil Spriiiu. The Poor Man's Boot. -Sb 968-976 CYRIS A. LEWIS. 'o. Fast Hurón St., Aun Arlxtr.