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Poe's Raven

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" Propliet !" cried he, " tulng of evll, prophet still If blrdordevll, Whether tempter sent, or tempest tossed thee hore ashore, Desolate yet all umlaunted, In this land enchanttd, On this home by horror hauuted- teil me truly, I Implore ! Is tin -re- Is there balm in Oilead? Teil me- teil int', I imploro!" Uuoth the raven, " Nevermore !'' I,ong npon the blllows drlven, like a vessel toss'd ainl rivon, V ithoiii rudiler, obart, or composs safe to guide lt to the shore. Was this soul of hope forsaken, by lts own sad tlioUKhts o'eritiken, By thovulcoufbird llms shaken, croaking o'er hls ohamber door ; To this soul, to blrd thus pleadlng, sayinys of the Bible loro, Must be ' words, and nothlng more." Ha ! lus oyes but Ieft the raven, and by chance haveseen engraven, Near " the placid bust of rallas lust above hls chamber door," There, In zophyr woibed, a loken, wrouht liy hor whose loss had broken All hts liopes hor lovo had spoken- hy hls loved and lost Icnore- Words like tlieso, " Believe on Mo and thou shalt live foravermore - tstiii Bot " woids, ami noUilDg more." Had that mimi, ko tnigbt and giftod, to lt I tod Ihat pruyer bul lilted, Saylng "Is tliere biüm iiiGllead? Teil meteil me, 1 imjloro !" Aml th.ii glilled tUo tompest boating lu liis hoart by oft repeating Words of lovo, of faith utrcatlns, whioh the Savtor spoke of yore, Hls sad M)iil voald have been " llfted " from that "shadow on the floor" - Chrlst forsaking nevermore. Theu "the air" mlght have " growu deuser, perfumed by au onaten censor, Bwong by Sorapliim whose footliUls tinkled on the lufted Boor:" I'Iioü a spirit, over living, and the words of trato o'or living, And tlio usklDg e'er forgivinj, mighl havo. crossed lus chamber door Whlle be pondored long and doeply o'er tho words ol Bible lore- If not " words, and nothing more." From thi'lüblo, wherelt liveth,and to all men M6ldllg ui vot h. Whcro it lay 'nilil "Quatnt and curious vol n los of forgoi ton lore ;" And lts banda lt mlghl have broken, and trnth to hlm ha-o spoken - Truth rtaen imílíIiI havo spoken, as lt oft hath done before - A l)!if;lit and raiiiant spirit ■prlnglna (ron tnal boot of yoi Brubtblng, " Live forevermori'.