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A Cow Whips An Alligator

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A few days since a man living at Dooley, Ga , was looking fur sume hogs, and was neuring the river when he heard a cow bellowing. Upon going to the baak of the river he he saw on a sand bar an alligator, a cow and a young calf. The alligator was between the cow and calf and tho river. The alligator made a dart toward the calf, when the cow rushed between theiu and a fearful fight ensued. Whilethiswas raging the calf got into the woods and faced about, bloatiug plaintively. The alligator was not more than seven feet long, anti struck at the cow furiously with ita tail. The cow avoided a mauy of the blows aa possible, but received a nuiuber, one of wliicli knoeked her rolling over tbr about 10 feet. The alligator runhed upon her with .open mouth and tried to seize her by the nose, but she was up in time to horu the alligator under throat and throw it over buekward, and before il coulJ strike anothcr blow or delend iteli', nIio was on it. Tho ni tosved the saurian high in the air, and it feil into the water with a splash, ura tlid not venture to the land again. The cow, after rushing arouod lookiug f'or her enotuy, ran to her calf, and made tracks througli toe woods for home, looking back occaM.inally vlieiher she was pursued.


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