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The Innocent Old Man

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Tho othcr day t lic pólice ai the Union depot notiucd ■ feeLho-lookingoId mao wanderiog in and out to kill time utitil his train should dcjiari, and aá he overal times displayed quite a rol! of bilis, he wascautioned to look out í'or piokpockets and confidence men. " W'ouldo't anybody rob an oíd man liko me, would thcy ? " lio innocently asked. The warping was repeatétf, but he jogged around as before, and alter i time was seen iu consultación witli two htraöirers who had walked him around to the wliarl'. An oifieer got him awiy IVoni thciu and augrily said : " Didn't I warn you agiinst strangers? Those fellows are af'ter your inoney I " " But how can tliey gut it wlien I have it io íny pocket, and iny band on it all the time?" "Wel!, you look out," "Yes, 1 will look out: but I tlon't want to le uncivil. Wlicn anybudy talks to me, I like to talk back." The strngera soon had him on the string again, and in about a quartcr of' an hour thcy len him in a burtied uianner, and he sauiitered'into tbc depot witli his wallet in hand. "There! You'vclct 'nu beat you?" excl.iiuied the offioer. Huw inueli did you lend tlicm f " " Wall, they wantod 120,' he slowly replied. "And you haododil over, ofooursc? " " Í give 'cm a $50 bilí and got a $30 Inck." " Well, you'll oever set the bill again." " 1 kiudrr hope OOI I" he ehuckled, as be drew dowu hiseye. " It was a oouoter"eit which my son toun 1 in Troy, and being hs I am yery oM and innoosat and not up o the trieks of the wioked world, I guess ['11 git into the car.s belbre somebody robs ne of my l)Oi It' any one should come iround lookinu tbr me. dmih s:lv I'tn nnl. at home! "-