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Michigan And The Presidency

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Just at the present time the politica] worlil of tliis country is stirred from M;iint' Ui California on the Presidential question. The foremost candidates of the Republican party, or those having the hcaviest boeking, ure General U. S. Grant; J. G. Blalnc. M Ifalnei John Slie.rmau, ot' Ohio; Klihu B. Washbiirne, of Illinois; Jas. A. Gartield. of Ohio; Roscoe Conkling, of New York; Senator George F. Edmunds, of Vermont, Of all these candidatos nientioned, General 0. S. Grant has the best showing at pratSBt, closely followed by Senator Blaine. The prograrome, as laid down, is for the State of New York to follow in tlic t'ooisteps of Pcnnsylvania, and send Graat delegates to the ChiMgO convention; and, if this is carried out, and other States follow as planned, Grant will experience RO difflculty in niaintaining the lead. Whilc Michigan lms not nearly as many delégales to the National Convention as soine other States, she is noted for the Infloence she excita, and there is no doubt but that she turned the tide of the convention toward President Hayes at Cineinnati, by boldly espousing his caue at the critical moment, when the scales could easily be turned in any direction. The question now naturally comes up, how will this staunch Kepublican State stand at the convention'. Of course it is difflcult at this early day to prognosticate with any degree of certaintj what tnay take place to change the gurreut of thooght of the people between linu and the date of holding the convention but, at present, it looks as if the delégate! would not be a unit. The people of this State ure unusually Intelligent, and they read, tliink aud act (b theiuselves; conscqiiciitly WB do not line Huía blindly following the lead of uiiy one man, and it is very doubtful f they po U the conventiou pledged for any one. WblU it is truc that they will have personal pief erences, which they will not be backwarc d making known, it is also tnie that thej will not make tbem an obstnele to the suc cess of the party, when they represent no issue of principie, bul simply a choice o the niaa to apply the tenets of the party and the nïsn that, in their private opinión would more surely lead to a victory. Whci it coinés to a qnestion of this kind, the reeog&In the principies upon which ou Government is fonned, - that of letting tb majority rule, and acquiesce in the chote of the majority. The party has been s fortúnate in the choiee of candidates, tha personal objections, such as have often beei urged against Democratie candidates, coul( not be found; henee the success that ha attended tlieui through the most tryio years - those of financial depression - tha any party ever passed. This is a true blue Kepublican State, am tt IliaL'PS nn itiltrnni-i' vv liipli rtf tha iniinaa ous candidates receives the nomination, h will reeeive the undivided support of tb party. They recognize that tbc principie ever embodied In tlie RepubHcao creed ar for the benefit of all, anl not any section party, or elique, and are united in thei efforts to maintain tbem. This is the ke; to the suceess of the party, and the unitec front ezhibited by them in this State.