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Thcy .hout men in Kansas for ttealinj butter. The Albany, X. Y., city hall was burnei on Tuesday of this week. The sum of $100,000 is what Bennett, o the New York Herald, donated to the suft'er ing people of Ireland. The wagon-makers at Chicago, in con vention assembled, have ileeided to ad vane the price of wagons ton per cent. The iron-moulders of Quakertown, I'a who received an advancc of five per cent in wages, have struck for fifteen. The upper house of the New York Leg islature has passed a bilí declaring womei eligible to services as school trustees. The New York ltepublican Convention for electing delégales to the Republicai National Convention, will be held at Utica the 25th of this ruonth. The House joint resolution appropriat ing $20,000 to enable the United States to be represented at the International Fisherj Kxhibition at Berlín next April, passed the Senate on the lütli. The courts and the Democratie party do not get along well together. First n v:i eight to seven, and in Maine it was stil worse. The courts and the army are bar nacies in Democratie eyes. W. H. English, of Indiana, is spoken o as a Democratie Presidential candidate The Tilden barrel, still being in a robus condition, will probably knock the Buglisl ofl'any baila shied at the Presidential ohslr Next weck Thursday the Republicai State Central Comniittee will liold a meetinji in Detroit, to decide upon the time :ui place for holding the ijtate Convention tb the purpose of electing delégate to tlic JNational Con vention. A bilí for the relief of the ooKmd em grants has passed (lic House. Jt proviilc that all charitable contributions iniporte for the relief ol' eolored persona wha han emlfrxated froni tbelr homes to other State liall !)■ admltted free of duty, the act to take effect immedmtely aml remain in lim until Feb. 1, 1881' Ex-Governor Seymour, of New York wfll stand a very fair chance of bing 1 1 1 next Democratie Domine tr the l'n-ideney. He would carry that State, if anj man iu their parly can. and this with tln'in or, in fact, any party, is no sraall iteni ti be taken into consideration when makiof up the nomination. The lowa Bonse of Ropreaeiitatlveí have honored the ladiei of that Stato, by adopt n. by a vote d 57 to 81, a reBOllltion for a eonstitiiton:d amendiiiciit. iniking woman ellgfblc io the Leylslatore. The í- n i Anthontea of thal State hare OTtdentlj not labored in vain. Wonder If that Legis latan is not lnrgdy made up of widoweri and bachelors f A bilí was introduced in ('on:ress by Mr. Beltzboover, whicli was referred providinp: for general amnesty. It pTOTidet that all politica) dtoabllittes of all persons in the United States. anMii; undcr tin third section of the Fouiteenth Anicnd ment to the Constitution. thall ba ibreve removed and disr-harued, uj)on BBeh penoi flltag with the Attorney-Geiu-ml of tlu United States a request in wrfting for re lief frotn such disabilities. Congress is agitattnjc flw Intar-oceraii canal scheme. We doubt not bilt wh:it ; canal will be built before another decade passes. In fact it has become a neo -sin and enormoiis as is the expense, we tbinl it would result advautagcously to this conn try to dónate enough to soine rMpOnglbl company so they would construct the canal, or let it be constructed by the gov eminent and then charge toll of reasell passing throuirh the same. The luuibcrmen of the Northwest, In recent convention aaseinbled, decided not to advance the price of lumber, for feai they ligbt Owreby deercase Ue con8iuJtlon, nd ut uune time increasc llie tmpply iv WUfÜlg lumbermen to put fürtli iiinlui' Sbrta to place lumber in the marlrot, in rder to realize whcu liijrli prices were rulng. The commlttee on upply rt'iortel hat it won ld eqnal that of last year, and vould lx' lufflcient for all the probable vunts of tnide. A terrible morder (or morden) was comnltted near Luoan, ()nt , last week. The fumily of James Donelly had been engaged n nunierous quarrels, and one night a Basfced gang f their neighbors went to lis house and killed Donelly and wife, heir tWO sons Jolin and Miehael, and laughtcr Bridget. Two otlier gons were ïot living at home, and if they had been hev would doubtless have been killed with the rest. Numerous arrests have been nade, and tliat whole tection of country is n u uproar over the horrible aftair. After loing the lnitehering, the murderers set fire to the house. The Grand Kapids Agrioultural WorM presenta the name of the 1 Ion. Jonathan J. VToodmui, of Paw Paw, as their candidate for the Yice-Presideney of the United Stntes. They present his name in behalf ut the great agriculturul Interest of the West, he being Master of the National Grange. Thcy say "His nomination would b( ;t litting reoognitioa of the agricultural interests of the whole country, and would strengthen the ticket as no other naini' could."' Mr. Woodman represented this State as ihiMhImIuIWI at the Paris international exposition. and, could he secure the place, would do honor to the State. The New York Tribune says : "The Solid South shows symptoins of a grasping dispn-ition in other ways than by its multitude of claims. Boom of its organs are claiming that its proportionate repreaentatlon in the National Democratie Convention is too small ; that slnce it contributes 74 per cent. of the electoral votes necessary to elect a Democratie President, it ought to have more thau 37 per cent. of the delegates who meel to Domínate thc candidato. This is a claim for the Democratie party to decide upon; but to an outsider it does not seeru unreasonable that the section which controls the Democraey in everything else should ask to control its nomination for the Presidency. It would cost Tilden a trille more to buy it up, but when he had closed liis bargain the convention would b 'fixed without i'urthcr bother." The Post and Tribune bas the following to say regarding efforts made to stop the exodus: The Demócrata of the soutl make a great mistake in their efforts to stol the exodus. Last suuimer the legislatiirc of Georgia passed a manifestly unconstitutional act, making it a misdeineaiior for any person to induce or aid any colorei man to leave the State; and a few days ago two emigration agents were arrestei ï ii ftrcrnn pnnnty o'l f!.....! nnu lmnilroH and lifty dollars each for "enticing" ne groes to migrnte to Mississippi. A simila bill haa been introdtieed in the MUsissipp legislatura, and it is likely to become : law. Such laws are unconstitutional. Be sides it is useless to attempt to chain the colored laborers to the plantatiobs by an; such itatatea. Such laws only add one more reason to the niany already txistin_ why meb Stut -s an.' iincli'sirable to live in and why the blacks desire to migrate to States where their rights and liberties wil be better protectcd. There is justas niucl rea8on for applying such a law to wuites as to blacks; nd it would be no more o an outrage in one case than in the otlier. A tpedal dispateh to the New York Tri bune reads as follows : "There was a novel scène in the United States Suprtnu Court rodin Ihis afternoon. It had jus been moved that the Ilon. Joel Parker, o Xiiv Jersey, Democratie candidate for tht Preridentlal nominatlon, be admitted to the bar of the court. Mrs. Belva Lock wood, who was admitted to practice before the court by special act of the last Cougress, rose iinmediately, and in a shrill, piping voice, moved the admission of a lawyer from South Carolina, who she testitied uppon honor possessed the necessary qualifications for practice before the Supreme Court of the United States. The lawyer wliose admission she moved rose and proved to be a negro. Joel Parker, the Democratie candidate for President, and the negro tlien stepped forward to the clerk's desk, placed their hands upon the same bible and were sworn in together, standing very near to the niche where the baat of Oblef Justice Taney, the author of the Dred Scott decisión, is placed, The most visionaiv prophete of the last decade that a negro, upon motion of a woraan wbo is a qualitied counsellor before that court, and a Democratie candidate for the Presidency would have been enrolled among the counsellors of the court together." Prof. Heniy Youle Ilmd, who resides at WiniNor, Out., and who was a member of the Hul fax Ki.-hery Commission, has commenced to throw gome light, or rather cxplanation, as to liow the cotnmtaslon made the enormous award of $5,500,000 to Khjjtlaud ai a bonng for allowing us to fish in ('anadian waters. SoBíeOne lalsified tht' Ititlulin presented to the coinmisini, ihowlng Ute value of tbe tish to benuob greater than t was; and he (Ilind), in a h'iici to M. Bfaarice Dclfosse, of Belglum, president of the commifsion, intiinatcs that a.s thcy passed thiough the hands of the secretary of the commission, Mr. J. H. G. Bergene, he must know something of the cbanges thrmigh which the tiguivs unilerwent while in his custody. Mr, Delfosse paid no attention to tlie facts as presented to him last September by Mr. lliml, who ftirnUhed at that time truth to Milis-iaiiti.-iic his aawrtloBS. In this respect bè folTowed the example set by Sir Alexander Qalt, of Canada, who waa the British cominissioner, who replied to Ilind in regard to inforniation on this subject, that the charges were absurd, and tli;it as his in ciinnection with the COmmlMlOfl had ended, be could do nothlng In the mat" ter. In his letter to Mr. Delfosse. Mr. Ilind st:ites that the fraud could not possihly be Indelen longer than live years, when, il' the present relajioni continue, a new basis of awarcls must be lixed. Ilesays: " Your Excellemy wlll bc the tirst to reeognlze that, while the treaty of Washington was designed to beastep forward in the inaich of civilization and Christian dealing among nations, the record I now subniit to you tbrowi all back agaln to the crode devioea of craft in whieli truth bas no part or repreentati(in. It is, therefore, in the interof human Ity that I now gddiMB jour excellency and restore to the custody of theconnnissiim the dueiiracnt taken trom its records and offlcially presented to me, Which i'urnishes proof of the statements I have made.'1 His lattcr statement is correct. If nations will descend to the petty, mean and oontempöble piecc of business of falsityiiig public records, in order to (ditain more money, or greater conctsioiis for their side, instead of submitting tlie matter upon its truc merits in a truthful itatement, the attempt to arbítrate national diffeicnees will utterly fail, and it will be in the lutun as iu the past, a question of might to make riglit. Our Government is now considering the (shery quotion, and we doubt not have been indueed to make moremente looking toward au Inrestlgatlon of the matter tbrougb inforniation furnished by Mr. Ilind.