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Too Many Girls

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"Them girls'll be the death of me,' sighed Mr. Plug this inorning, as lie caui up the street. "' Vliy, I thought they v r veiy nicu girls," said a symtaihizing triend " So they are ; nice enough, but thtire's to( inany of 'em an' they are tO' atlractive,' said the disconsolate patriarch. ''Them three daughters of mine were enough iu a conicience, but now ujy nieoe is up her froiu Bostou, and it seeniH as f the oli scratch had (tot iuto 'em. I doo't object t young lolks having a ood time, and girl haviti' beaux and all that, but when i omes to uavin' sjiarkin' going on all over the place, daiinne, it's too bad," said Mr Pluf;, unconsciously quoting ffoiri Pmtfore " Last night Sue had a teler courtiu' blo at the Iront gate, aud Julia had her cha] in the pnrlor, and when I gor ready to q to bed, bless ne if Andromache i niece froin Bo.'ton) ijiiln't have yoaingStar .-jionning on thé fiunl Itáán. Slii say ttiiit's Newport stylc. Cuss such nOMTOM l couldn't get up stairs to go to bed with out climbin' over them. I thonyht I'd go out to the barn, and sleep on the hay, but darn my picture, if I didn't fall ovir Mili; and soiue young snoozer sittin' in the barn door. This thing's got to Rtop before the cold weather, lor I ean't afford wod an kurrysene for any such nonsi'ne when it . 100 eold for outdoor sparkinV


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