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Hints On The Management Of Live Stock

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Pigs. - Store pigs vriil thrive well on roois with a stop of bran, sour inilk a water. A supply of roots on haud wíl greatly reduce the cost of feeding store is. Tuniips that cannot well be fed to cows may be RÍven to tlie pi.s. Give young pigs a warm, dry ted. 1ue. - The irritation of' lice keeps young animáis puor and miserable. To lid theti of these pests, brush tlie skin all uver thoroughly wiih a brush dipped in a mixture of linseed uil and kerosene, shakiu, tbc excess of oil out before uing the brnsh. Work the grease down to tlie skin. If thi.i is perseverad in the lice will sooi disappear. Mart in Fooi. - A roomy loóse box is the safest and most eonifortable place for a brood mare. A colt may be raised fór the carné cost as a cow, and when thrce years om may De tmri, e. „nws Thei, , , bri-k demand for good work norse?, and large export bu:-iues8 is growing up, so that the keeping of mares will bicorne a t-purco of' iuoome. liut not ouly must the riglu kind be kept, and the rigbt kind ol colts be raisid, hut the mares must have proper stable accorninodations. When a mare is idle a large portion of the time, exercise is needed, and this the can get in a loóse box. Colts.- Young colts should be well fed and cared for llie first winter ; provide a warm stall for them, with plenty of litter, and give thtm a good brushing down onee every day. A quart ofiafs, daily, will be neeiJed, and Borne biiht, clean, weet hay. (Jut feed is not suiuble fbr young colts, who86 digestión should not be ivur-tax(d by lood packid solidly in the stonjach; ñed light and frequtntly. Work Uxeit. - üxtn ihat work ou Ir. zen road, although tliere is no ice, should be shod. The rougli, hard súrrace wears down the hoofs very fast, and caues inflammation of' the interior; the trouble may not becoiue apparent until later, when the oiiscbief is dirficult to repair. It tlie feet are tender and hot, and gHght laiueDeaa is pwteteed, examine the hoofs between the claws, cleanse the feet and apply remedies if nctded. iAimbs. - Lambs dropped this month nhould be well fed thruugh the ewe. (jive little heating food, such as corn, in any shape ; tut bran, oil-cake uieaj, aud oatmeal in gruel, will be healthful and nourishing for the ewe and lainb may be kept under cover, hut in fine, sunny days they njny run in a dry yard ; but not with the other sneep. Karly lambs for njarket should be pushed ahead as fast as may be safe. J'uultry.- Hens and carly ptillet will now be kying freely. They should be be encouraged by giving them warm food. Baked small potatoes taken direct from the oven, and hot, are most relishcd by the fowls ; scalded corn-meal, corn, pr wheat parched in the ovm, omaU of' bread, or ont-mcal, steeped in hot uiilk ; and meat ccrapH, with ooiiiu stiiuulatiiiK oondiment, like Cayenne pepper, will be fuuud to aid greatly to the store of eggs all thfoDgh the utormiest weather ; but the fbwls must have a dry, warm, clean, i-holtt-red place to roost and lay in. Shetji. - A flock of slieup may be made the most profitable of farm stock, Botn in return of money and niamire. By feeding a small flock well ihrough the winter, their value may be easily doubled. Bat th; feuding sboiild be liberal and the care unremitting. The chief reouisites for success with sheep are, to providc abundant good food and pure well water; to feed and water regularly ; to provide f're-h, pure air and to avoid dampness. When feeding sheep for market, it is well to try the wciL'lits every second week and note the lacreas. Breeditiff ewes that are expected to drop lambe carly should -be oloaely watoheJ. Tbc springing of the udder is an iinfailing sign of approaching partuiïtiou. Tl. e eWi should then be removed to a separate pan aud kept quiet, but visitcd at leat rviiy tbree iiours and the lut thioa at, oight It is rarely that any help il needed, exeept in very cold weather, to wrap a piece of soft blanket about the lamb and to lielp it suc a soon as DOSsible. As s'O 'n as tbr lam gets a meal il will be a.l right, and the ewe uwy be left to hereelf for a few boura. Tttmeiiess and gentleness are qualities to 1 e cii(;,)uragcd in all domestic anima!. Tlnir value is ditö0ve6d hen it i ■ ary to hftndle tlie animáis at critieal iri odi. Wlieu confidenco, it' n t affectiun exists, onc can do niucli witli a Biffferin animal, whcn othcrwise iuterfeteiice irish iinikc matters worse. it wpuld be wil' i uiake friends with cows and bheep e pei ially, by pettinR tlieui, f-'iviiiK (hem .-al MM palalalih; iliings, and mmglèog wii them in tlie yards. Kvcry animal sliouli be trained to be handled wlicn Ioom in ili yard. Cotvs. - Milkitii; oows wil] be brnefitltt by luixing their feed with wann water, i iliis i-:in be done wiiliout ifto muoh tioulik' A fainily cuw nay Ik; t i ratel to B waru inc-.s in tin1 D10mÍDg8 Without dilhVu!' and it will the uj tik ■civcpiibly Cut tlie bay and pour a pa'liu) of' M water over it mix the ujes.s ia iliat the hay is all wetted, and add the nu al : rnix again, ai.d li:eil while warm In ii liairyof' twenty cows the extra intik will payf'i r tlie labor neeiled. lf the fbod eau tie mail more digestible, aud by inving it warm, tlie WMte "t animal heat will be avoided, and ihe same efiect will r-sult frqoi an in crease of' fbod. Tlms the study of th principies of feedirig may be made a sourec of proöt by the economy wliieh may b praetiied tarough it. Tlie eard and bniv should be in frequent use during the win ter, and, if nieessary, a coar.-e clotli an. warm water may be used to preserve olean liücss. If tiltil is perniitted to gatlier on the skin it is diifiuiilt to remove ut thi geoaoD, Young calves will thrive well if kept in shed together and well fód. The shed ma be littered liberally, and neid not b oleaned out unlil tlie sprinp, or until th manure has becouie a foot or more deep Calves muy thus be made good inamire makers, but it will be Deeessary to feec them welL Jiran and oats, with a littl corn, will be the best fcr them. Givr mi pint a day for thow under a year, and qu jrt or two daily for yearlinns. Costive ness in cold weather hhould be carofull guarded againnl, and, it' oecessary, half í pint of raw linseed-oil, or a pint of linseet uu'al, shuuld be given with the fbod as remedy.