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HALLS BALSAM Cores Colds, Pnenmonia, Bronchitis, Astlima, Croiip, lioiipi iilt Cougli, and all diseuses of the Kreathing Organs. Itsoothes and heals the Meinbrane of the 1,ii nirs, inflamed and poisoned by the disease, and prerents the nightsweais aud tightncss across the euest vhich aeeompany It. C0NSUMPT10N is not aii incurablo inulmly. It is on ly nceessary to have tlie riirht rcinedr, and HAÍIS KALSAM is thatremedy. ONT DESPAIR OF BELIEF, for tliis l.t'ii'ifii spcciflc will cure jou, even though professional aid fails. HENRY'S CARBOLIC SALVE the Most Foiverful Ilealhig Agent ever Discovered. llenry'ë Carbolie Salve cure the trom orcê. Ueitry'ê Carbolie Salrt allays the pain of burnt. Ilenrij't Carbolie Salve cures all erup. tiont. 11. „rv; Carbolie Salve healt pimple and blotehn. iletury'l Carbolie Salve will cure cutt umi bruisen. k for Henry's, and Take Pío Other. '. r IIFWARE OF OOONTERFEITS. ,! # FOit -AI.E üï ALL DUUKHSTS. JOHM 1'. HENRV, CI-HRAS ifc CO., 24 College I'Uce, New Vork. 961 nu eow ANTON EISELE, DEALER IN vm k mm wam Tbc public 1b invitüd t cal! and examine spet iiiuns ví the cülehraU'il KNOXVILLE,TENN„MARBLE (r wlilrh we hnvi' n snpply of ln'w di-siim. It I nperlor ti any marble in be;mty and durability, and tu.ef ihe place of Sc tch Oran i te. IMtlCi:!S LOWEB TIIAX EVER. WHILK ALL WAUBANTKU. Shop- Cor, of Detroit and Catherlue Sts. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN. 9I5tí ' VMM I . PB DOES AXY WORK IX II IS l.IXE. Kneinos, AfrricnHurnl Mnolilm ■ ihinos v (I Loclu rcpainid. Turnlne, Key-flt tint; nel i;ruidIng promtly done. Keep u tiod auoriawnl of Lutlery, Locka and (TooM, wliich will be -old Hheap. No. 36 South Main Street, ANN AKBOK. AÍ1 about IPPYIT send iTi r:r, 1 L AA5 of tho CAZETTEER 4 CU I DE, wliich contln full Information on all mnltor of Interent reUting to tho " Lone 8tar State," and a new correct county mop of Texas, 20ms inch. JOHN ROSS & CO., GEN'L AGENTS, ST. L0U1S.M0. Uil lijm ACENTSTOSELLTEA, uu n ni i ui' """■ "'"' fii i i ' finniir,. IW Hll I U HUM' ItUE. "ulhC (rrr. '""" - ■ I'.... .!-'■ I U....V.U, c. I .1 AU kludH of Book-HindtnK done at Phe Courier office on hort notie. 1