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Life-saving Soldiers

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The last obstinate earper against the efficiency of' ths lif'e-.-aviüg -erviee, if' there be one lef 't, uiay well be silenced by the reports ot'the storm on last Monday night. V reeks wtre driven ashore all along the eoast, two ot' theiii being deserled vessels, but in every other case the crews wcre rescued by the life-Mvra service of tlie revenue marine. Nothing more dramatic could well be imagined than the tcene than nipht along the murderous lee ooast of' New Jersey, which, 100 years ago, was literally wuiiened wiih the spars of wreeked and the bleaehing booes of drowoed sailor.-. It was estimaUd that f'roui 300 to 600 lives per annum were lost on that saody strip of beach trom Sandy Hoolc to Ca e May. There was then no help nor hope. On Monday Dight, through the nidoigbt daikncss and driving storm, the whole coast was guarded. L'ghts chone on every station, and the t'aithtul fellows patrolled tvery mile of' bcacb. Four ships were driven ashore, and ttie description of the n-cue ot the ciews which comes to us in private letters bas all the eleuients of a scène of finely-wrought tragedy. There wure the dariiu:-. ihe howliug tempest, tlic (hunder of the angry sea, the broken vessels dashed helplefs y tu and fro, drowning men and women, and on shore half a dozen men struggling in the surf with the ir ropes and inortar, boih men and apparatus appearing puny und ineffectual to cope with the lUighty forcts of' death before tin in. Ln every oa.-u, however, they proved sufficient. Not a lile was lost. Crews and passengen, uoiiMsting of thirty-one men, two women and two children, were all brought saf'ely on shore. To add to the horror of' the MMMfc the captain of one ltl'1, 111 ltaliau, ¦cill tU4 Uio Up ""t" driving inevitubly on the bar, went iuto bis ¦ „!.,,. .ii, 1 iiioi bimsolf ihrough the bram. Aniithcr dramatic incident was thestruggle which a brave fdluw lumicd Potter, trom sta:ion No. 4, at iMinmouih beacb, made into tb w;ivos tu mt9 oue of the italian crew. Be hud pluogcd into the boiling suri to drag the diowning man at.hore, when un chbing wave da.shed them both out to sea. Por a moment the crew of ihe station forgot everyihing but their companion. 'iáuve l'otter! Save Potter!' they cricd. Hut nothing could be done. But Putter, gr.i.sping a flouting spar, and not releasing tor a moment his hold of the Italian, coolly held on 10 it until botb were diMged ashore." Such stories of individual courage and skill in uur lite s.iving soldiers should be made public. Tho por wages we pay them ure no compensation for such heroic devolion. Do not let us stint them in the