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Respect To Judicial Opinion

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Ivtroir Pree PrcsS of the 14th, in nn rutiilt; nitiilcil Huperstitlóus reverence t..r tfie .Indician," must havu liïd.aneif revebMim, It is not long siiice tliat, lo rIlccting upoii our actlon in criticiaing an opinión niade by Jttdge Huntington nltliis di-trirt, llii-y held tliat rourts nid dccisions urn' Micrril tliings, und that our eriticism :iinl jicticui was "rt'voliitioimry ;" but, síihk the Itcisioii in tlic Maine Supreme Court, it lmssnddenly grown wiwr, ;uid holds tliat tlic opinión of a court is not cntitlcd to anj' íucli thinjr as "nnqircgtioncd respect," bnt tli a i it iscntitlixl to just Uie respect Üiat Üm rcafons npon whicL t 'm founded sliows it to be., mil tliat it is not sacdlege to ttiudM it ; that the opinión of cvm ffapnmtjbigta is not "lu'oessnrilywiscr tliati tliat of other lawycrs not on the liencli." It liolds tliat tliis is truc of the fonr judges in oqr Supreme Court, who sometiuies diücr from caeli olhcr to the extent of declaring tliat i-elicd pon as MUtélHj for un opininn liavo no :i][licat ion rlmtever. It has suddonly found out tliat an opinión of a 1 1 r - .1 i c-i ri.?n iii iiuiilinri, litiu 'iu"ii s Chas. Suuinor to show that ',VIudgW I Hl but nifií. arnl in all ges have shown a MI Khare ot' frailty, and 'that tVi woret crimes of histoiy have been perpetrated undcr thcir sanction, that the blood of mart r and patiiots, cryini; from the ground, Miiiimous thom to jmlgjut'iit."' " It was a jndicHil opinión whicbeoodeinned Sócrates to drink tlu tatal )unilKk, and whuh pnslird the Savlor bnrrfont ovor the pareïtunts of Jerusalciu, binding bencath the .'¦ etc. Surely, tJie Free Press is getting ovw it " siipcrsülion," and does not HOÉ indined to follow what it prpfcnbes f'orothers. and jnostrate itself before coiuts aint opinions with awe and roverciice, witlibüt some realizíng sensc of ts justice; but, tlifii.wUcn a ''judicial o]iniou" was cnisliiug Dr. Kose, it was a saered tliinjr- its majesty was omnipotent. " O, conslstenoy, thou art JTjewéTT1""