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CatarrH NEVER-FAILING RELIEF AFFORDED BY SANFORD'S RADICAL CURE, ITIi fact that ran bo sobstantlated by the most raneouble testimoniáis ovi;r oUered In lavor or nuv proprlatui invilii'luc. thalthe Uaduial Cuaic fok Catarhh doel In Try case atlord Instant and onmanellt relief, No muiter ol how lunK BlanUlnjr. or lio erere üic dlMiaso, tho rst dom Klves such evlili llsv.ilne In tlio trentnicnl of CaUrrhal atleclloi 8 thnt conndenc is at once feit In lts ablllty to do 11 Unit I liorlt. Tlio tcatlmonyof phylclans,druiiKi.-H. aml patiënte Is nnanlmcms In tlils repcct, and tpe o cimulatlnx ovldcnco I In polnt of ri-api-ctabllK rlor to any ever bcforo obtalnod In favor of a popular r. Tho prnprlutora, thcreforis may Jumly fel if the pnaltfonthe Rídioaí COI liab aualned, liei e ït wurtiiy oilu rcputatlou. 10 VEARS A SUFFERER. From Hon.Theo. P. Bogert, Bristol, R. I. . ïmi Porm: Omtlrmm. - Fccling thoruUKlily convlnccd of llio cfllcary of Sahfohii h atún ron ('atakrh, I ani induced to drop you a lino to iay tht althuugh I have bean sccptlcal of all tho nostrunia advirtlsoíl a " radien! cures, I luivo I mnd anylli; laca auca reliuf and u'ürmle rara as tiuit "f S KFOl:l'. i ufllietud wilh tina ilrrnilfu! dlcae for l ti:m un ypnrs, aiul not untll receiKly cuild L , nnrarrcrr lili any uutil I rea.l the letter Arar. IUmivViuí, Kii.l enn irtillifullyaytliat after ii-li ¦ 11 v o ordlx bottlra 1 nin tlioroutílily convlnccd of itire propertlM. Hoplna that olhers Blrallarly d likn myirlf -I1I be liuluccd to make Uiu trlal, 1 .un. gootlemen, v.ry truly, etc. p uookRT. ÜB1ST0L, R. L. July 54, 1877. CATARRHAL AFFECTIONS, Bneil Sofr, Weak, lnrlamed. Red, and WateryEye; itlou and lnüaninmllon of the Ear ; Klniílnif . In the Uead: Borc Tliront; KlonKtlon of the Lvala uíicI Bwelled Tonsii; Nerrooi Headnche, NenDlzzlncu, clouded Memory, Lobs of Nervoua . Urnreaaloa of Spirits, - uro all carcfully and F'-lc-nUílcvlly truutcd with tlus remedí accordlnir to . :ia ihlch ftccompjiny ench boltlc, or wlll be di ill 'I to nnv addrcRs ou ricelit of suimp. 1. icb parkatre cuntalns lr. sanford'a ImproTod Inh illnir Ttibe. wlth foll dlrections for ue In all cases. l'rlce f .(. Sold bv all Wholoaale and Ketall Drugglsts ut tlie l'nited States and Cañadas. WEEKS A PO1 li.H. Ceneral Akcuu and Wholosolo DraggliiU, ron. Mase. VOLTAIG PLASTER Affords tho most ffratcftü relief In Rhenmatir-in. Weak Spinc, I.ocjil ralng, Nervous Aff i tilín, Local Khonmatlsm, Tic Iíouloureux, Nirvous l'aln, Affrrtiong of the Klflneya, Fi;n:turel ICilM, AffiM-tions nf th' ChfHt, Colclg arnd Confrh, Injm-ie of tlie ISaok, Struin mul Urulseg, Weak Back, Nervous Pain of th liowels, raiup ín tho Stomach and IJmbft, Huurt Affoctions, Lnlareed Spleen, Bruine a mi Punctures, Rheumatlsm of the Wriats) iiml ArniK, A-thma, Gont, Local and Deep„¦anil Paing, Pain in tho Chi'M, Stitch In the Baak, I'ain in the Hip, Varicoae or Enlarged Vataa, Crick ia the Back and Neclc, Pain and w , ikiiua in Side and Kitck, Hoargenegg, Sore l', Lumbago, Whooping Cough, Sharp Paina in the Breast, Heart Uiseage, ouiimy. Diabetes, and for Lanieness in any part of the Body. Prlce, 33 Cents. Ask for COLLINS' VOLTAIC PLASTER. S..11 ly all Wholesale and Ketall Druggigtg tluoiiKhout the United States and Cañadas, and liy WEEKS & POTTEK, Proprietorg, ponton, wan. Fililí 1 Wamer's Safe Kidney and Liver Cure. ( Ftormerly Dr. Crmo't Kittney Curr.) A vegptable preparation and tbe onlr inro in the world for lïrltt!it DUnur. IHabetea. nnd ALL. Hilnrj, LlTCr, and l'riaar.T DUratoi. Testimoniáis of tbc highest order in proof Of these statements. ftjTFor tbe cure of niabctct, cali for War ner'i Nuf4 ltiv f-. ure. BjTFqz the cure of IlrighCs and tho other díseues, cali for lVututr'i ttafe Kitliicjand Liver Core. WARNER'S SAFE BITTERS. IM the best MloofIVurlfler. and Btlmnlatea every function lo more healtbful actiou, aud is thus % benent in all diseases. It cures Nrrofulou and other Skin Eruptions and Diseases, iucluding iuuit-r, 11oera, and ol her Sores. llftïa. V'jil4iio ofthe Snnnneti, Constipatlon, lixine, Onrrai IebllHy, etc, are cured by the .Safe Bitton. IL ia unequaled as an appiHiier and regular tonlc. Buttles of two riM ; pnces, 3Oc. and ft 1.00. WARNER'S SAFE NERVINE Quiirkly civesKrt and Sleep to the suffen ny, cures H carine lic and Neuralgia, prt'vvnta Opliep tic Fita, and relieves Nervoua ProCrwtion brought on by excesslve drink, ovtrwnrlE, mental shocks, and other causea. Powerful as il ia to stop pain and soothe dtsturbed Ñerves, it m-ver Injures the aystein, whether taken in small or lare doses. ÜOtUesof two aizes; pnces, 50c. aud $1.00. WARNER'S SAFE PILLS Are an inimediate nnd active stimulus for a Torpld Liver, and cure Coitiventn. Dyipepii. Bil¦MBMViV9JPf!l É touinen. Billoui DiMI BVxÜwPrv V rhcia, MaUrU. Ftvr I PTrfTuiUrns ïBste nd aiHl flllnul1 1 1 UbÍMK I 'll' useJ wbenever the I Ufl íBHbibS bowels do not opérate ¦ VttS freely and rtKiilarly. I ¦¦llKirtH ¦ fr .. .br mi rehuir u-h IIWnnfRffl] KI nll !uf f-r th-.muRh ¦ K.'UlalIliliLl H w.irh. Iriff SO !Ji. I WWrWtW-trnTM lt Murnrr'tStfr KruifJifi ro I muFiáiaa w 1 hj. wárrier Tco., MMBj 1'rnprlctorn. I miiMM ROCHESTER. N. Y. j BhA.VJaJ-lAFJsBF C r'Sfnd Tor mj.hlrt IMB Mtl TfttlwonliiU. PERMANENTLY CURES ¦ KIDNEY D1SEASES, P d LIVER COMPLAINTS,! VConstipation and Piles, p I IHf. R. I!. CI.AUK,fouthIlcro,Vt-, ƒ, I I "In ,-wm of KIDNEY TKOr;;i.i:H ltha H ACtMl Uke achurm. It hiim-un-J mini) tit M I hul ;i-rol 11 1.I, and hu oever fulled to TJ H KKLB3ON' I'ii;!:l:. of t., t., S ¦ U)4, h n of priccU-HH vulue. lxirctt J B eirw f i;rot MifTcrlns from I'tlc nd jP Btlvi in --II COiilpU-tclf "Mr -il nu -" I C. S. IIO;A1ÏN, fPiaialWi " t ''ont L J packaeri liod'no Wuadcffl fr nit lu eom-ji IpU-ti-ly ourlnc a S+TCre UrtT und Klducy 3 H Complalut.' J IT HAS WÏÏV9 i 1 POWER. ¦¦M [ I BECAUSE IT ACTH ON TIIKj Bi,ivi:ij,tim: nmvi:r,s and kxd-I ¦ m:vs at the TiaiE. J Becnuoo It cleanees the system of ¦ I the poleonou8 humors that develope ¦ I In Kldnoy and Urlnary diecases, H louenecst Jaundlce, Constlpatlon, I Ipiles, orín Rhcumatlem, NeuralKlal J and Fom.ilo disorders. I K 1 1 M'. V WOKT la n dry v..flnhlc I H [m I ii ml eau bt' ent by malt ir pulil. V J Ono p.'irkiii:1 irlllatftkealx qtsof niedIrlD4. H tht irr zvro-w ! Ituy It Ht lnMl l'rlv. , 1.00. I 7TIU.C, E::raïd:OH 4 CO., froprleton, j 3 Kiirllnittiin, VU H 954-101)5- ch e w ..BaH ¦¦¦ Why do you suffer 1 1 IWI I Yuur ki.hi.-yp ure dia"¦¦ ¦ ¦¦¦ ¦ ,,iíed. Donotdelay, hut try af once Hunt'M Heniedy. ¦% ¦ M MM ¦ M All cliM'aeesol thekldII ¦ I ' [ " ney, bladder, llver and WM Êm WM lm JL uriiiiryciri:iiii-.lruiy, VnVIli (,'rnvt-l, dlahi'lfK, Iiriïbt 's iliseaw.' ol the kidneys, nnd Incontlnonce and retentlonol ' nrine.arc curi'd lv HllnfN Kfiilly. ir ir. MMared E.1'KKSLY lor thea dlBeasetf. OaioiTon County, Ccotral I'ennsylvanla, DunTWOOl, NllV. IS, IHT'.t. i OearfUr-J munt 9ay HÜNTH KKMKDY ha raited the dead. It rniied me from the ilcaii for flirt' ai the docton liail L'ivtn nic up lo die in 81X HUL' KS, and so had all the people. My Iriend called 1d the prieel lo prepaw Bfl lor death, and hc alfo ¦ald I wae doomed. They all had me dwtd, hnt Hunt'e Iteraedy snved me, and I urn altre to-day, sound and cured of dropey. K. W. TKl'ÜK. From Bev. K. . 'luylor, 1. Tl., Pwt't I'irst Kuptiit Chnrch, Provutunce, R. I.. .lim. 8. I8t: I eau lemfy to the lirtne or HUNT'8 KHMKOY in kldm-ydim'afe from actual trial, lern crratly ht-nctllted hy lli uae. TAYt.OH. _ - _ _ - _ ¦__ . - ii ii ii ltiinl ai T 1 " h k l)i'i-n ilci-d by lamU I l I % ily phyciclaiii lor :) II 11 u yrarf. It never ¦¦¦ " i.i-i-n knowo lo rail. It in a eah suri' and H mm m puijflï,1,.;" An MM b K__ k II f who u-o n ei joy uood ril I iifalHi. Send for pnm¦ ¦¦¦¦wiaaaW ¦ phiet to WH. K. i UKlvt. rn.,vii)KMK. K. I. I Wold by all ItrutceintH, and hy Farrand, Williams 4. Co., Detroit. '.m-v5 Vy ILLIAM VV. NICHOLS, OEISTTIST 1 Oucceéborto G. W. North. Office, l'J South Main Street, opposlte National Bank. Kcildcncc, 21 Llb erty Street. Nitroas oxide gAt admlclstcred whon reqaettMl. MItl