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pOR EXCHAN;i; I hsve a farm of 100 acres In the tratara pari of tlie State, valned at 0,000, whlch I wl!l exchane fur Ann Arbor City property. KKE A. USAL. TO FKÜIT OKOWEKS and OAKDENEKS. Twonty arres for calo on rraeouablc torran, by H. ROGEKM-twn mil.-,. WMI of Ann, on the Uexter road. Oood buildings. Fonrteen ari;e and smnll Iruits of the beal varletles. The balance la the bent iimllty .f land lur prl. ninAiso houe nd foor Iuih in the 4Hh rd. Ann Arbur Uty, for nale chap. Euqtilru of II. KOUEH the preiuise, or of .1. j. A. SB881ONS. Or N. 1!. COVERT. Ann Arbor, Feb. S, 18SQ. 17 1 FARBIFORALR Ohoice Property- Well Located- Very Cheap. One of thoee rare piecea of valnnble property foldom offered at a ealcablo nrice; an oppi.nunity that sbould not be ovejlooked liy any one ho wauis euch a farm. I have dccidwl to Keil, and now offer Ib'sale at a decided bareain. the outh part of the "old Thomas llomentead," in the 'J'own of l'it.lii.ld Coutaining: 187 Acres- AU Plow Laúd- Suitl)lo Tor General Farmtnir. The Farm inelndes "The Wk1 Orchard," tw. „tv two acres, 11 " Ked Baldwins," known throughout tho State as one of the flin'Kt. )t i yunn nnd qnite heiilthy, ard whlle in my pons.'shiori bas been ihoroUL'hly cultivated and trimmed, as a reeult cl linii it harvexteü last Fal] nerij 80 barrel of apple, which oíd forabont ti)mi With pr.iper rare you cao safely depend on an iqiml reBiilt t least cvery other year. ' The property lies withln hnlf a niüe frm Saline, an unnsually Kood market for farm productv. Where will you equal thls : A farm with no wwte 'nd.wlihinahalf-iuileofavilUiie.comparinit tavorably in lts markets, schools mul tocletr with the neighboring cltles, and an orchnrd, that uloue with reafonable care, will pay lor tht rarm. I will make very lavofahlc lerm. ar.Lin only odcthlrd Incaüh.andwill makc balance puyablein rearlv payment of l,000, with sev.i, p, r Mot., and a nrlvileg .! payiu); at any time befora dot, 1 h-ive decided to Keil, and shall sell uithin sixty dmyi Por further Information, cali (m I). C. ANnnnsoN, Ami Arbor, or addreD. HKNNINI WS-97il M Sou th V;u.r bt., Chicago. The Michigan Central Rallroad, wltli Hs rouiu-rtlons at Chicago, nfl'urds iho niiipt direct mui {lcirble route of truvcl Irom Michigan to uil pointe in Kaneae, Ncbraxka, Colorado, Tex, Kluner ota, Dakota, Manltoba, etc. Michigan Central traint maka uure and closo connectkms at Chicago witli iinmuh AyiuM tralns onlall WertBrn line, Batei wlll be nr low a the lowent. PartlM golng iw.i i,ík xprlnu wlll flnd It to thpir lntcrfi to 6ofripon4 wlth Henry C. Wontworth, General Pttotugtr a Ticket Aftent of the Line, at Chlcui-o, ho wlll chi'frinlly impart ny information r lative to Knrt, time of traina, maps nndloweiit ratcx. Doaol pun Iwce your ticket nor contract your tntg nntil jrou lmvf kaard irom the Michipui ( entral. (I7fi-i To Inventora and Mecnanics. Patent and Huw to Obtalu Thrin. Patnpblt of 60 patreB free, upon reccipt ofpunuim for poetatre. Addr hh 'MI.MOKK, SM1TII CO., Sullrtiora of Puenu. Ilox 31, PMtf Washington. 1). O. QOAL! CO AL! O. W. SHIPMAN, Mlner und wholeaale dealer of the cclebratcd BRIAR RIDGE COAL. AIJJO- Dealer In Hard (taal and Plg Iron. Urderii promptly Ulied, üülce, ao Orlswold itreot, Detroit, n.Di 8. 63l(i