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Ninety-five Per Cent. Sterling

Ninety-five Per Cent. Sterling image
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TfDISIOErFl. BOOT. Md to nrplj the popnlar drmand for n All-Rnblior Boot. and a puro i ci-n bn ,-..V Tpper na leg dnublo thicknes. of Rubber, the ilbrn or grain of whlrli is cromd st rixlit aagli tion of tbe flbre. or ¦ cracking" ia m.vlt imponible. Ordmary Uubber Boots iuvanably wrinjllB, ,. to craeka. heinde chafliiK tbe fet u.l aukle. and olrtng out th tociiDK. All thia i obviitod by tko Doublo Ujipur nd ffitSfc _ L..r. Tho bottmu EIHrifjtAK&r Qtv ond not filled with 0H &Mr tM?V Uan, lika common MBI BfeftlË: aSr ' Bubbor Boot. (jjöij Ei(gh"k iS? Sectional View Ta ed ¦¦ Soua ïuibbor iBHÍnlHÉH&íir r of TH Ek Filling." in ordmary ffrfW # 95 Per Cent. Sterling: % zn i;;z.L BS kÍiIJ? 'ii?0! Mlf tiï fl norwat,r.proor: but Kk Huubur BooU. Per Cent. Hrrling HHLS Hsnto ati 1 lont; solo CfSS HBirn worn tbrouh.a H ÍÉvkI KB tbird nole- nll nolid iR-ir ':' w Rubber-prtsenti M Ks39i [ it.elf, nd givos 100 H wt, without iin;rraht) of bulk or ueigtit. Theu ulea wül flfl weir aevorikl paiii ui coiumou Hubber üuots. Warranted Three Months, and th&t there may be no quottion as to th time, th patent Sl k" ' binding, a seen in cut, próvido a pacO íor every day. inunth li Bf and year. o that tho retail dealer wtiuu luakins; a nal o, j&Üffi' '¦ W& i can punch out tha date tíien.of. aiul tha Boots will in themselves boar permanent moord of that dato. ("o J&nEÊÊlBlSIBBÈFwarraut iu Urge circular.) E re ry Boot beara tao O #'"'JiW' r. '. rant in Hubber letters on tho leg. ,dVflP Although seemingly liih pri - -ubIHH aro more economioal than a Bout _ -C - ---' PggJ of leas coat. and with proper rare bjIkj will rentier good servicú froiu 1 all HUjmSHH uutil Öpriug. " Tf The Poor Man's Boo!. HfflñBffiWi"( FOH. HALE 31Y 81 'iHTIllf HW-875 CYRITS A. LKWIS, 'o. 2 Eusí Hurón S(.. Aun Arlior.