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Wrltton for The Coubikr. O, noble men, who work and pray To save yoar fellow-meu,- t , wives, who thlnk your darkenedliomes Can nc'or grow brlglit ngalu. Ml horae was dark wlth lulsery ; Bat peace and Joy aud rest ( 'ani.' in, whfii John carne home With a ribbon on hls breast. Xext day, the sun carne up aud shono never shone before ; Aiul Jolin ? He mended the bioken gate, l'ut a new latch on the door, And we tied a badge In the baby's gown, And we held a Jubilee! 0 ! you'll never knowjwhat ajoyful day That was to," John and me !" That nlKlit, as we sat together, And the sun sank In the West. John laid hls brown hand reverently" Ou the ribbon on hls breast, And lald : " Xow, l'll teil you, Mary, llow tblsblesslng came to me. At nrst, I heard them slnglng, And diopped In, to hear and see. " The sonc thnt they were slnging I nadnt baard lor years. It filli'd my heart wlth longlngs,- It fllled my eyes with tears. 'Twas the one that says : ' Jnst as I Ma, Without a single plea,- With all my gin and all my sharoe, O, Lord, I come to Thee.' " And when they said : 'If there's one Who's tlred of what he's traveled In ; Who's fed long enough on bitter husks, Of rum and ruin aud sln ; Who wants to come to hls Father's house - Who longs for peace and rest,- Lel liimslgn the pledge,and,lookinetajGoi], Tie the ribbon on 1 1 is breast:- "Tlu'li 1 thougllt of you allil ÜKMliililreil, And 1 wrote my name out clear ! You ougut to've seeu t hem grup my hand ; You ought to have heard tliem cheer ! 1 teil you, wife, there's nothlug thrills Through a lost man's heart aud bralu, Like a volee that says ' My brother,' And bids him hope again. " I luiow I'm bnt a WHve-tiissid haiKUponastormy tlde; II 1 ever muke the hurlxir, wr.IMr I must have a eliurt to guülc. Sn if you'll re;id that story A bout the one who went astray. Uut did return to hú Fatlier's huusc, We'll kneel and try to pray."