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Signs Aud Portents

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Hun n . . , ,, jX_ _ sets supinely, its liorn.s in the air, it is a sign of dry wcathcr, beeause in this positioo it holds all the water, thus preventing its fall to the earlh. This is uo a sign of wet weather, the explanation in this cape being that a waterful uioon is emblematic oí' a water-soaked earth. Don't forget thia sign of the new moon. It is rarely you will find one so iiupartially accommodating. Whoever finds a four-leaved clover is gencrally a liar. It is so much easier to detach ooe leaf f rom a five-leaf stalk thau to hunt for one with four that the temptation to ir.endacity is too much for average clay. U'lien a mouse gnaws a hole in a gown, some misfortune may bo apprehended. The misfortune has already happened to the gown, and may be apprehended to happen to the mouse. An old sign is that a child grows proud if suffered to look into a mirror while less than 1 'i months old. But what the average inlant can see in a mirror to make it proud is difficult for any but its parents to understand. A red sky in tho west at evening indicates that the next day will be plcasaut, barring accidents of rain, snow and bail. If you take down your shingle, preparatory to putting it up in a new location, it is a sign you are moving. If'a hen runs across the street directly in front of you, it is a sign that a hen will soon be on the other side. If she crosses over just behind you- pshaw 1 who ever knew a hen that wouldn't die in her tracks rather than cross one's pathway in his rear? When you see a cat running around furiously, it is a eign that the crockery or glassware is in danger. When you drop a knife, and it sticks in tbc floor, it is a sign that some one is ooming. If you are a small boy, that some one may be your mother, and her coming be to rciiiDustrate with you with her slipper. _ To dream of a wedding is a sign of inanition. To dream of a funeral betokens too much pork and oabbftge. To dream of tinding monoy betokehs that it is easier to dream of finding money than to work for it. To dream that it is Sunday morning is hoaven. To be suddenly awakened from your sweetest sleep to ünd that it is not Sunday is- that is to say, very diagrueable. It is a sign that you will be unhappy. Agroatmany more ctjually HrralRbn signs niight be given, but the reader has probably had enough for ooe day. The man who believes in signs is suffieiently credulous to believe that our knowledge in thnt line, as wl'II m in every other line, is inexhaustible.


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