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...Miss Lula Sill has gonc to Ypsilanti, visiting friends, this week. ...Rev. C. A. Clark filled the M. E. pulpit last Sunday morning, and liev. Hudson, of Chelsea, in the evening. ...The quarterly conference of the M. E. Church here will bc held on Saturday and Sunday, March 13 and 14, 1880. ...Mr. Lombar, for some timo telegraph operator at Plymouth, has been visiting Dexter for several weeks, being the guest of llev. L. P. Davis. ...Tho next red ribbon social will come off next Friday evening, in Costello's hall. It is under the supervisión of Mesfrs. Fields and John Wilüaras. Full particulars are not on hand. ...There wcre numerous mistakes in lase week's Dexter Iocals, for whioh the correspondent is not responsible. The item about Gen. Cary has been fo divided and transposed as to niake it appear ridiculous. Do not blame the humble scribe. ...Last Friday evening, just as the Rev. L. L. Gage and family were about to retire for the night, tbey were unceremoniously taken in hand - we mean, the house was taken possession of - by about fifty persons. No datnage, however, was done ; but, on the contrary, all were well behaved. The fact is, it was a surprise from the pastor's people, the day being his fiftieth birthday. The invading party had brought eatables with them, and they all had a very pleasunt time. Nearly every one left a package of something or other for the pastor's family. We are glad to soe such pleasant relations between pastor and people. ...The election here last Monday was a regular walk-over for one party. The Republican ticket was elected by an overwhelming majority, excecding even the expectations of the most sanguine radicáis. The following are the candidatos and majorities of the elected partios, the Demócrata being in Italics: For President - Harris Ball and Koscoe P. Copeland ; Mr. Ball's raajority, 79. For Recorder- E. E. Appleton and James Keams ; Mr. Appleton's majority, 78. For Treasurer- E. D. Bennctt and II. C. Gregory ; Mr. Bennett's majority, 83. For Trustees - Albert Guest, W. W. Waite, C. S. Bilby, B. C. WhÜaker, Dr. Jno. Lee. and V. Potter; average majority of Repubtimn trustee, 65, Fur Assessors - B. 15. Williams, Win. Warner, L. 11. Jours :itnl E. Jedele ; average majority of llr publican assessors, 78.