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The following real estáte sales have been recordad in the register' 8 office since ou last report ; WARRANTT. Catharine Jones, by executor, to Rober Gamiibell, the west part of lots cine un ten, block five south of Huron street, cit; of Ann Arbor, in Ann Arbor Land Com pany's addition to said city. $050. Frank Pinker to George Burrooghs, 20 acres of' land, seceioo 17, township of Lodi $1,850. VVilliam Preston to Henry J. Davidter 20 acres of land, soction scven, township fleúry Curtís tö mm -v.-. ....i ,. ,, acres' of land, seetion 35, township of Au gusta. $800. Solomon C. Holden to Jacob Volland lot 12, block two south of Huron street range 11 cast, in the eastern addition to the city of Ann Arbor. $400. Walter C. Brass to Thomas Daley, 80 acres of land, seetion 32, township of Web ster. $3,200. Anson D. Besimer to Fredrika Miller lots 52 and 53 in Jewett's addition to tht city of Ann Arbor. $938. Hannah E. Burnham to John S. Schaible, land in the township of Lodi along the Detroit and Hillsdale railroad. $700. Leroy George to Jacob Schumacher, lanc in Manchester, $3,0O0. Charles Banks to Lizzie Banks, lots 8, 9 and IÜ, Hawkins' addition to Ypsilanti $1,100. Edward Ryanto F. S. Chapin, 138 acres Northfield, $7,425. George W. Taylor to M. E. Pepper, lot in the village of Milan, $150. Lemuel Foster to Isaac S. Foster, 40 acres, Ann Arbor township, $1,800. Wm. Ford to Wm. Orr, 100 acres, York, 84,000. James C. Cushman to Frederick Jaeger, 80 acres, Lima, $3,000. M. M. Noyes to Franklin D. Cummings, lot in Chelsea, $500. R. and E. E. Barnum to E. Y. Derobyshire, land in Augusta, $460. Hiram M. Perrin to Edward George, lol 8 south of Huron street, Ann Arbor, $],- 500. Asal Tower to E. J. Niles, land in Augusta, $150. S. P. Jewett to Chas. F. Kuhn, city property, $400. Loyal Lovejoy to Willis E. Pather, land in Augusta, $1,750. D. A. Brown to Julia Valentino, 20 acres sec. 30, Pittafield, $1,000. Edward Drake to August Alber, 10 acres, sec. 32 Lodi, $1,100 Joseph Kihn to John Schmid, 48 acres, section 21, Sharon, $1,231.56. A. D. Derbyshire to Edwin J. Niles, 24 acres, Augusta, $1,000. Michael Peter to John F. E. Gratopp, land in tbe township of Ann Arbor, $450. Hart Goodell to George Seymour, 80 acres, section 25, township of Superior, $4,000. J. G. Bcrkle to John Berklc, Jr., 110 acres, Lodi, $5,800. Daniel Nisley to Geo. Nisley, Jr., lot 11 and a portion of lot 10, section 2, Saline, $1,000. Jabus Loaker to Christian Gensley, land on section 17, Lodi, $1,800. R. McLain to Mary Ann McLain, 80 acres, section 12, Lima, $3,000. Ann E. Burnett to Emanuel & Gottlieb Iruick, lot in Ann Arbor, $700. K. Schuylcr to Abbie G. Terrel, lot in the fif'ih ward, Ann Arbor, $100. Peter C. Kanouse to Adam Schroeder, 120 acres, section 6, township of York, $6,8.50. 1 Emily Prior to OH ver C. Bostwick, property in Dexter, $150. J. G. Kubler to Elkhard Kulencamp, and in Freedom, $520. John Pcrciyal to Gottlieb Hausalmann, 40 acres, tection 36, township of Augusta, $600. David Kingsley to Charles C. Lockwood, and in Salem, $800. Christian Scley to Mary E. Seley, land on section 18, township of Bridgewater, $3,850. William and Jacob Graf to Sidney O. tlathfun, land on section 15. township of Pittfield, $3,850. Ezra Gleason to Alonzo Keednr, 40 acres, section 34, township of Saline, $1,600. Ii. B. Kellopg to Josiah Perkins, 60 acres, section 30, township of Pittsgeld, 14,000. L. S. Hadley, to Tate Watson, land in jyndon, $1,200. S. Sutherland to M. F. Howard, lot in Ann Arbor, $900. Nelson Sutherland to Henry Paul, 69j icres, section 6, township of Pittsfiold, $4,347.50. James Hand (by heirs) to C. H. Prohow, 40 aerce, township of Northfield, f300. J. N. Gott to John and Margaret Collihs, ot in Ann Arbor, $300. Theodore Gruebe to Lewis Wolz, lot in nn Arbnr, $1,600. John Haile to G. S. Waters, 66 acros, cetion 33, towoship of Salem, $6,500. August Bredenitz to Frank Vinker, 40 acres, section 27, in township of Lodi, $2,30(1. Elizabeth Burrow to Gco. Burrow, land in Lodi, $1,440. Wm. Orr to O. F. Richards, 60 acres, section 21, township of York, $2,600. QÜIT CLAIM DEF.DS. Lydia and David Thomas to Wm. Low, 37 acres of' land, section 14, township ot' Webster. $500. Alexander MoCollum to Alfrcd A. McColluui, 80 acres of land, section -5, township of Manchester. f500. Amos Mclntyre to Archibald D. McIntyre, land in York, $1,000. A. Bunting to Selnia Buuting, 42 acres, in Seio, $100. Caroline Clernpnt.s to Wm. J. Fieldkamp, 248 acres, in Saline, $1,800. Sarah A. Widmayer to Wm. J. Fieldkamp, 248 acres, in Saline, $1,524. Phobe A. Coe, to Matthew E. Koeler, 80 acres, sectiou IS, township of Sharon, $3,750. Josephine Kchn to Moses Bartlett, land in Sharon, $648. John üibony to Patrick üibony, land in Northfield, $30. R. Scliuyler to AbbieTerril, lot in Brown & Fuller's addition to Ann Arbor, $300. David Forshee to Mary Ann Wallaco, lot in Saline, $50.