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Changes In Persia

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A glowing account is givcn by the Golos of tlio huprovement going on iu Persia since the country has been taken in hand by Austrian and llussian officers. A raarked change, says the llussian paper, now appears in Teheran. Nearly all rich Persians now drive in liuropean vehicles; some have had built splendid and great housen in European style ; the principal boulevards are lighted. But the most important matter is ihat the Shah is constructing a good road from Teheran through Kaswin, Kendshan and Tauris to the llussian frontier at Dshulfa. From Teheran to Kaswin it is alrcady completed. At every 25 kilometors a post office after the Austrian pattern wilj be established. A new Persian army is being organized by the Austrian officers in the Austrian manoer. The organization of the cavalry has been confided to the llussian (Jolonel of Cossacks, Domontowitoh, aided by some other Russian offisers. The pólice is being organized by an Austrian Count, who has been appointed Chief Master of Pólice The pólice and getut d 'armes are to nuniber 25,000 men. 'i'wo foreigners who wish U establish gis works at Teheran arrivet there some days ago. A company for the purpose has been formed, and counts the Persian ministers of fbreign affairs and o posts among its members. The coming o the new Pertian money continúes withou interruption ; the cbief of' the mint, Amine Sultal, furnishes every day as niuch as 25,000 tomans in silver coin.