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...Ferdie BHm has over 1,400 stamps of various kinda. ...Grant llaywood, of Ypsilanti, is the guest of Mrs. Mary A. Foster. ...Kev. Mr. Allen, of Webster, talkcd to (he Delhi club Sunday eveniDg. ...Mrs. Dr. liowitt, of Detroit, has beon vi -i ring Mr?. N. W. Schoff, of this city. ...Charles Boylan is to see that the history of the reform elub is duly prepared. ...Por the patt two weeks, Chas. Kitson has been conQncd to liis room. 11e is suffering with hi.s eyes. ...Mrs. K. C. Seaman, wife of the late Kzra C. Seaman, is at the Kalainazoo lyluni for treaimnii. ...Mrs. Mary lí.ixter, of Chicago, is visiting her mother, Mrs. Gao. Danfortb, who is in very feeWe hoalth. ...Mr. Ugo. II. Pond, editor of the Pfint Minor, spent lastSaturday and Sunday visiting frionds and relutives in this city. ...M. S. IIuQter, the dental student, denies in a Detroit paper that he took morphine with the intention of suiciding. ...E. II. Camp, of the township of Ann Arbor, lias purchased the old Brockway property on Detroit ttreet of John Hagan. ...T. C. Walker, president of the Toledo Board of Tradc, spent last week in this city. Il e was the guest of Michacl Fleming. ...Messrs. Thonipson and Kllis, of this city, left last Monday morning for Indiana. They expect to return soon with a carload of liorsíf. ...In the law department there are 102 üluine men aud 33 for Grant. Slierman has 30 admirers, Garfield follows nextwith 12, and Washburne with 10. ...Mrs. Joseph Beal, of Northville, has been visiting her daughter, Miss Mary Beal, teacher in the first ward school, and other relatives, for the last few days. ...Marshal Johnson has been sick abed for a number of days with the erysipelas. He has got a fearful head, but the doctor thiuks he will come out all right. ...Tha reception given Bishop Harris at the rtsidonoe of Rev. Wyllys Hall, last Saturday evening, was largely attended by the parishoners of St. Andrew's'church. ...WilJiam Grady, a worktnan on the northeastern railway, got drunk VVednesday, and it tcok Policeman Porter and Millman to get hini to the cooler. This little sjilurge eest him $0.75 or twenty days in jail. ...Mrs. James E. Field, who left for her home in Alpena last week, was obliged to return after reaching Bay City, owing to the almost iinpassable condition of the stage road from there to Alpena. Mrs. Field will remain with her relativas in this city, until the roads improve, or navigation opens. ...On Wedneday, J. M. Sumner, Esq., of Waterloo, Ind., paid this city a flying visit, while on his wedding tour, and called on his fiiends in this office, where he was formerly employed. He is now a pleader at the bar, with his home at Waterloo. May the young couple enjoy the greatest possible happiness while journeying down the river of life. While in the city, they were the guests of Judge McClellan. ...N. R. Waterman, of this city, left on Monday, Mareh lst, for Bay City, haviDg connected h'imself as a partner in the wholesale grocery house of Maltby, Brotherton & Co., of that place. Mr. Waterman has boen conneeted with The Courier 'office for nearly ten years, tilling various positions daring this time, cominencing as bookkeeper and having charge of The Cocuier and jub department of the office for the past three years and a half. The duties of the position hc filled while connected with the office, he discharfied with faithfulness and ability ; his activity, industry, and integrity making him almost invaluable to the office, while his genial, affable and gentlemanly mauner won him friends and made him welcome evcrywhere. In the new field of labor to which he goos, he takes with him the hearty well-wishes of every one connected with this office, as well as of his friends and fellowcitizens generally. Mr, Waterman bas good business habits and training, an untiring activity and energy, is a prudent andcareful manager, uprightand straightforward in his methods and manner of business, and not only deserves success but will micooed.