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...A musical organizaron is being organized in tho University. ...Prof. Franklin's valuable hound Jog was poisoned last week. ...Twenty-tbree oases wcro treatcd at tho homuoojiathio hospital last Saturday. ...The BetaTheta l'i i'raternity is talking of building a chapter bouse in tuis city. ...The chorus, that is to assist llenienyi, are practicing under the leadership of Mr. Cady. ...President Angelí has rcturncd froni a little trip Jiast. He ws in Washington last Tuesday. ...The Masonic Association of the University will indulge in a supper at Masonic hall, ncxt Friday cvcning. ...William Bcafty, the contractor for the hoiuooopatliic hospital and the two amphitheaters, expects to get through ncxt week. . . .The Christian Asttociaüon have decided to establish a paper in the interest of the association. " It will moet a long-feit want." ...Owiag, probably, to the recent trouble, the body-snatchers are beooniing setred ; henee there is a scarcity of cadavers for the medios. ...The Univcrsity shooting club has at present about ten meiubers, who meet every altérnate Saturday afternoon, near the ice house, for practice. ...A dental student, suffering with neuralgia, took a little too much morphinc at the Chandler House, last week, and bis friends nearly walked him to death. ...At a recent meeting of the class of '82 it was decided to play all matches by the Rugby rules, and to have a class suppcr and hop at the close of the semester. ...Mr. Chas. C. Black, of the junior law class, and one of the editors of the University, owing to sickness, has resigoed bis position, and will return to bis home in New Jersey. ...The inauguration of the homocopathic hospital will be celebrated by a supper, on the 12th inst., at which Prof. S. A. Jones, of the University, I. N. Eldridge, of Flint, and A. I. Sawyer, of Mouroe, will deliver addresses. ...A scholar in the Oerman class translated : "Ich hab' auch schtrne Aitgen, hcsonders wenn telt den Kneifer aufsetze !" into "I have beautiful eyes, especially when I sit onaknife." The class didn't smile. Oh, no ! ...Dr. Wilson, at the honiooopathic clinic lastThursday, took out the lefteyeof Mrs. Austin, of Galesburg. This operation was resorted to to relieve a pain of many months standing, and prevent the loss of the other eye. Mrs. Austin experienced immediate relief, and returns home this weck, cured. ...The following resolutions, ia relation to the death of Charles H. Gencli, were adoptcd by the junior law class : WiiEREAa, In the Providence of God, our fellow student and class-mate, Charles II. Gencb, bas been removed froni our midst by death, be it Resolved, That we, as a class, do sincerely grieve the loss of our class-mate, realizing that in liis death we have been bereavcd of a firm friend and faithful student. Resolved, That, whüe we sorrow for our own loss, we extend our heartfelt sympathies to his bereavcd wife, relativos and friends, and trust that our allwise Father may comfort them in their afflicfion. Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be aent to the relativesof the deceaed and to the city and college press for publication.