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T?OR SALE. A Farm of twenty-onc acrus. with a good ilwelllDK housu on il, onu ïiiilo fruin city city limito. Kuqulrc 905tl At THE COURIER OFFICE. A VALUABLE FAHM FOR SALE. A valuablc ínriii lor Mie, fhualcd oiu1 and mm4mV milis east of Aun Arbor. well watered, Kod orchard and good buildings. For Ju t tin r partlculura, apply on the prUdMi of K. ULAS1EK. Ann Arbor, Fobruary S8lh, 1880. tmj-979 TTOUSES AND LÜTS FOR SALE. Severa) poort biick dwclllng honeep, and a nnmber of framed dwellingt, duairably situated, with one or more lots for each, for sale, on fair térms and reaeon able credit. Aluo, flfty city loto, well located, wltb good lltlo, and on lonff erttdit. Aleo, farms and mortgAgea for sale. Money safuly Invested for lenders, at ten per cent. Inquirc of ftWlt S. W. MOKHAN. Countless Sufforers Find the balm of relief, and the foiiDtaln ol tholr bealth and etrenittu, In Ayer'a SarêapaHIla. lt ts the mout potent ol all the alterativas to purify the aypti-m tuin clcaupe the blood. It ponHeont't invigoratiiiir qunlitli'. xo that it xtimulates the faded vitalltit-H, íind parces out the corruptions whlch inlngle wiili tin! blood, urumotlni; di'riingenient and decay. We ar atsured by many intelligent physicians that thi Mudiclne cures beyond all othere of ita kind, and we eau fortify thls utatcmuut by our own eiperlence. - [PunxcatawiHïy (Pu.) Argos. Ö7(ï MUSIC! MUSIC! A VBRT LABQ1 STOCK OF ORGANS Three different mako- new and Becond band - mant be gold to maku room for a stock of new Pianos. Ir yott want an organ, nuw ia your time. Sold for cash - on the inwtailment plan. Splendld new organn for Í60.00. Sucund-hand orean very chcap. A very line Mlodon fur Mía at a hargaln. bheet Music, Gultarp, Violius, Strlngs, etc. EAST SIDE PUBLIC .{! It I . UOODKICH BLOCK, mm ai. vi si niLHKv.