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SWORN EVIDENCE. The followlng Cura Is probabty the most remarkableeverefTected byany mndlcnl preparatlon for the treatment of Catarrh : C'.ntltm ¦:,- I hcnby rcrtify that I have had Oatarrh for lm '-,u. r.mi for tho lat lx years havo buen a terrible tuffurer. I was renderpd partlalljr deaf, had liuz.inK in the houd, p.iint &crowMnHHk ll?' iriie. Thematwr accumul.ited so rapidly In my had ant tliroat Unit I cuuld not keep tlu-míree. Krequently ftt nllit I would snrlnff outot ¦ i to me, at the polnt of RuflTocatln. I woulJ thon havo rccourne to pvery nieuno la my power 'M1 uiucufi froai my throat aud hmd before Foraparlod of eixyearsmy iLTüti-i liidfo ïnucii fnflanied that l could uitti dltliculiy swnllow. I ünally cuuhuIUmI au eminrnt turaron In regard to an operalfon on tlum, hut at h!s poned 1t. Ttio constant infl.tinmatlon and uloeratlon In my ïhmnt cauai-d ly the poisonoua mutter tira y head hndto Irrltutod it l coiiRhcd Inccaiantly,- n derp, hard conjrn. ' i m befan toBhov tho . so Unit ïlostüt'sh.KrRitf pale.aiid y pymptoin of aneftrly deaih by consmnp. heef th!s rtac, or bont ix montiia ago, L began tho use of Sa.nfokd'h Radical v r.y. v )¦ UaTaSU Aiter ihítuí the flret bottlo 1 be: ie first dotttisoemed toclear ;SSitóÜ4LrJKSfeJ5 . It ;maKftrifl I Boon u 1 moytitg of my tonU, i i .- ! io triuiblü nte. The ort-ne- l.thu buzzlne nulse In my lu-int ceawd, mj Rïnsd .'f feüHuff aud f hearing were Land -very symptom of d1r ¦ tbe rave dlsappt'ared ItV th DM Of BaKTOID'8 UaDICAL t'UKR FOR CaTARTUI. I nava be-n thua cxphclt berauao, aa a druRKint. I lmvcHccn aitrcüt deal of uflorlng froin Catarro, and lo convinco maiiy that thls in a (raat remady. ir wltb tno treatinciit of Catarrh au pracbcst pHyulciantt, and have consult va the I my Bêtt . 1 havo usM evtry fclud of remed ¦ and apparatna that have anpcared durln: a period oT'bIx yeur pat, and have, whlli' followinjf thi-lr uso, takr i great care of iny general hetilth, but obtatned aoreliff or cncuuraKt'UK'iit f rom any of thrm. Bühtun. Fcb. 18, 1S75. OEO. F. DINSMORK. erPTOLK, m. Fkb. 3S, 1S75. l !i. n pt-rsonally appoared tho nald GeorM F. Plnsmrt mude oatfi tital tl.'1 koIur statement by Mm ubt.crib.-d u truc. Before me, SI.TII J. THOMAS. Jastice of the Peace. Kach pnckaKe rontalnu Dr Banford'n Tmproved Inhal¦ ¦ with fulldlrectlons fir uu In all canes. Prlce, H 00 or Balo by all WholcBalv and Hctull IrnirirlsU throMUout the f'n. WEKK3 A I'OTTKK, w holt-salo DniKBlatí, H oston, Mass. VÖLTAIC PLASTER Affortís the most grateful relief in all Affections of the Chest and Lungs. CHRONiC PLEURISY CURED. MesurB. TVitRÈi ê: Pottkk : Gentlemen, -- navtnR for maiiy luouthnpitdt sulfered with avury lame side, called by ïiiv ['liysichm Chroulc IMeurinv, cuused by a foriuer n.j.iry a irt Ptraln.and for whlch ï usi-d many prencrlpl KüiiiH-iits, as well o the Ko-oalhd rhcumatlc curen, witiiuut the leuat bf ihMH, tny physiclun recomed ono of your Colli' voltaio Plastebs, v; r, to my fiTvnt purnrlse, reltCYcil the pain andsore nt-ss almost'hnnu'diatcly, and I have been able to ati :;l tu :.:y honsebold aualrs ever Incc with perfect caaa aid rotnfort, when-an, beforo the appllcailon of your tuvaluablc riiistcr, 1 was Krarcely ablu to do anythlnjr. I constder them lnt-stlniablo, and shall with ¦" recomuicnd them tnthe affllctcd. Yonrs rcfuljy, Mus. FlJïCfib ilAIUUMASí. asd, Mc, April 21, 1376. There li no motllcal or protective appllanc that wlll i.rovc so BvateftLl and rilective In Ticklln Ctuutifl, liTltation nd Sorenot-8 of the Chcpt and Lung. We bi'llcve them ca-able uf preventing serlous discasea of thcee organs. # PRICE, 25 CENTS. Do not eonfoand tkeM Pltri with the ordlnary Plaatci-s of tbc d:iy, that by compurison are absolutely wnrthlcB. lic cartful to obtain Colltxs' Voltato PlabtïE, a coinblnatlon of Kleemc or Voltaic lJl:ite wltb a hlKhly MedlcaMd Piaster, asseen In the abovo ent. Soltl by al! Wholesale and Hetall Dnilsts ttir-Miirli-mt the United BUtes and Cañadas, and by WKSKS & POTTKIt, iropiletor, Boston, Mass. Warner's Safe Kidney and Liver Gure. % (Ibrmerlv JDr. Craig't Kldney Cure.) A vegetable preparatlon a,nd the onlr nre rmnedy in tho world for Brtglit'a Mmiuc, IHaWu und ALL Hldncj, Llvcr. aud L'rlHJU7 Dimenuom. Tustiiuuiiiaia ut the hlghöat order In proof Of these statemebu. mSTFor the cure of Diabta, cali lor Warner'i Safe Diabetes ('ure. #"For the cure of Brlht'a and tho ottaer diseases, cali for lVuxucr'a Safe lálUnvj and LiTcrfow. WARNER'S SAFE BITTERS. It is the best Blood Porlfler. and stimulatet every functton to more beaJthful nctiou, aud isthus a benefit In all diseaset. It cures SerO fu loa and other Skin Erup tío na and Disenes, incluilmg Cauovra, ilcera and other Sorea. Oyapepala, WnkneN of tht Stotnab, ouBiipation, DininuM, fieneral ltbuliy. etc., are cured by tho Mare Blttra. It ia unequaled asan appetizerand regular tonlc. BuLtles of two aizes ; pnces, (M)c. aud gl.OO. WARNER'S SAFE NERVINE Qaickiy eiveBt and Sleep to thusuffertny, cures Headache and Kcurnlgla, prevenís K.pllepUflTlta, and relieves IVervou lroa tra t ion brou,;íit on by excesstve drink, overworlc, mental shcclcs, and other canses. Powerful as it ís to stop patn and toothe 11sturbed Nérvea, It never Injures the eystuin, whether taken in sniall or large doses. 11üU1u3 of two sizes ; pnces, SOc. and $1 .00. WARNER'S SAFE PILLS Are an tmmediate and active stimulus for a Torplfl LWr. and cure CoitlTnn, Dyipepili, BilI WWlaHNRffl È ioniDtii, Blíloua Diar ¦ (vLUPI Ilí I L. rhcift, Milarl. Fivr ¦ rTMTlKwfTrlS IIBé ni ASU"' An1 ahould I Mn ¦ be used whenever the I IPK IBSS bowelg do not operato ; ¦ H f.1 H wñfl freely and regularly. I mmUyftn ¦ WtW othrr 1111. rfqulrr tut h I HraFjRÏPH v4 m&11 "" rur thoroQEii ¦ i-f il BilMUin M wnrk. I'riw SS eU. ¦ box. I MríTifffflrfll 1 Trrr'tSfpKrinMllM(ir I =írz"ia H. H. Warner & Co.r ¦ viWW&M3 EOOHESTER. K. T. ¦aHUB!V C 'nd ror I'uDhlet 9B5-1016 J That Acts at the Same Time on V e THE LIVER, 1 THE BOWELS, G I and the KIDNEY6. f I Thf w (rrct orgsn aro tlie natural clcans. ll J eraof me systcm. Itthcy work wtll.ücaiih M ¦ win bi: perfect: lf tbey become clogged, M "I dreadtul linean a are tare to íollow wilh i TERRIBLE SUFFERING.' I B BUIonsnen, Betdacho, Djipcpsii, li dice, Conatlpatlon and Pilen, or KidM ní Complints, Grarel, Diabetes, Sediment in the Urine, Jlilkjr J or Iiopj Irins; or lihooM matic Pains and Achef, U ¦ are devoloped because the blood Ib poisoned M M with the bnmora that hould haru been faj 1 cxpellcd naturally. H I KIDNEY-WORT wlll rrptnrc the healthy actlon and all thex ¦ kf icbtruylug erlla vlll bc banlabcd ; ncglect n ¦ tlicm od yon wlll lire but to auOcr. k 'I Thouaodhavebeencured. Tryltandyou ¦ I wlll add one moro to the number. Take It f] M ndhealthwllloncemorecladdcnyourheart. Ij Why suffer longortrom the torment II T of an aohlng back ? Why boar uoh dlatre from Lj 1% etlpatlon and Pl!e ? B Why be 8O feartul because of Wl 1 ordnred urine ? i Kidxky-Wobt wlll core you. Try a pack ft II agc ;U once and Desatl&QedM JtUa dry vegetable compound and m OnePackusemakMuixquartiiofJIcdieine. ¦ Your Druotp" AiU " "¦ """ "" " Sr f ñ yon. InnUl vpon ftaving it. Price, 11.00. I wills, naiiEDCo1. co., tn&ém, m i {".' I f '1 r- ' iw!-l üur'lnftOB, Vt. 954-1005-ch e w U ¦¦ ¦ h ama Wky d" yon 8nfrer W% ¦ ¦ avwith Ihe pain in your II H I Bh whi"k. ü'u r ¦i"' I m h1 ¦ Yuur kidney an: dis¦B ¦ ¦¦¦ ¦ ,.nel. Douotdclay, hnt Iry at once - __ _ -. IIunt'H Hfmedy. ¦% ¦ Alf ¦ M All dimiHool IhekidI ¦ I [ I " neyx, bladder, liver and I ¦ Ma I I lm ¦ nriuary orpinp.dropwy, ¦aFÜWBm ¦ pravel, dlalict'--. UriRht'u diseane of the kidneyK, and incontincnrr rd retentionol nrini!. urn carod by limit-. Hcnirdy. lf is prepartd KXl'HESSLY lor Uieec dl. ¦ üBO. Camoron County, Central l'ennnylvanla, ( DlllKTWOOIl, NOV. IS, 1N7Í. 1 DearHir - I mnst say Ht:NT'S HKMEDY has raiaed tho dead. It mined me froin the dead for pure. as the doctor had ulven me up to die in S1X HOURS, and xo had all the people. My frionds called in the priutt to prepare me for death, and ))(¦ uUu aid I wrs doomud. They all had me dead, bnt llunt's Remody savnd me, and I am nlive to-dayt sound snd cured of dropsy. R. W . TKUDK. From Eer, IC. O. i nvlor U. D., Pator First Baptist Church, I'rovldence, 1Í. I., Jan. 8, Ih79: I can teetlfy to the vimie of UUNT8 REMBDY in kidney dlicascs from actual triul, havini.' lien ereatly liuni-tlttcd by - B. G. TAYUdt. ¦ ¦¦¦klMIA11""' KniiMl ai T 1 " h ix hi-.-i. tiMttd by luniM I I IM I m ily pliyKlelnnp for M I J I ¦ u years. It bas never ¦¦" Mm known to (kil. It Is a safe, surc and _. _speedy curu. It is HP PnlfiiiiMï vt-diMaliU-. All U L U LIIW who umi' il enjuy sood liElfiCUIx-,o"iirM.i"T CLAKKK, PuoviDüNci, K. I. I Hold by all ItriiKjCiMtM, andby Farrand, Williams 4iCo., Detroit. WILLIAM W. NICHOLS, DENTIST1 Bfefcf' Huccessorto G. W. North. Office, 19 South Main Street, opnosite National Bank. Rosidcnec, 27 Lib erty Utrent. Nitrous oxide Kan adminüsturcd when reqaoated. WDtl