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Wheat Eating In France

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It appears that the French are learning to cat more wheat, and this, joined with a sucoession of indifferent habits, bas led France into her present position as a wheat iuiporter. A Paris newspaper, the Debata, takea the ground that France cannot grow enough wheat to satisfy her own people. Formerly there roight have been a surplus, but the peasaDts and poor people in general no longer eat berbs and roots, as under Louis XV., but cali for wheat like their richer countrymen. In 1826, not to go further back, tho harvest produced 184 quarts per inhabitant, and the consumption of 181 quarts, showing a surplus of three quarts per head. In 183G the respective figures were 189 and 188. From this day downwards, with the ezception of abnoruially good years, the harvest presents a deficit. In 1856 the production was 236 quarts and the consumption 240 quarts per head. In 1866 they were 223 and 241 respectively, shuwing a deficit of 7,000,000 hectoliters. In 1876 4,000,000 hectoliters had to be imported. The average con.sumption of France is at present 95,000,000 hectoliters ; twenty years ago it was more than 80,000,000, whilst fifty years back it was only 60,000,000. No doubt great progress has been made in the production of wheat ; but, according to the Debats writer, it has not kept pace with the consumption. This is a good indication for outside producing regions, and would indícate that shipments from San Francisco to Havre may be expeqted to continue, and that France will continue in the list with England as a oompetitor for foreign wheaL