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Whipping And The Whooping-cough

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A new use of tbc rod, one which Solomon never dreamcd oí', is said to be common in Austria. Some old-f'ashioned people coraplain that the rod has fallen into neglect, and that the reins of authority have patMd from the parent.s to the children. For such grumhlur Austria is a good place to emigrate to, for whipping M the regime even for whooping-cough. l'hysicians pronounce this uncomfortablo diease to be chiefly of nervous origin aod undur tlie control of the wil]. Thcy niaintain, therefore, that punishment is the beat medicine, for a good whipping roiues tne tliild to a vigorous exercise of will, which Bupprcmoa the cough. It is cortainly a curieus theory, but held with tenacity by the Austrian pliysiciann. They may be popular among children in their own country, but they would be in danger of falling victima to mob law here. Chifdrea claini . pity and pettingwhen pass ing through this disease, and the thought of a whipping instead would_ lead to revolis in the nurecry. The Austrian remedy raay be scientifie, but it is not likely to gain favor oo this side of the water.


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